Friday, February 16, 2007

Dear Peter,

How are things in Neverland? It is pretty cold here. Got down to about 20 F this morning, but the wind chill is a lot colder than that. :-) I don't mind a bit though, I love cold weather. :-)

Do you remember me telling you about a new singer awhile back? His name is Eric Dodge. Well, Eric has a band member who wrote a song for our troops. It is called "I Pledge", and it is awesome! This song has got to get on the radio. Any way, they had lots of people download it and send it to the troops as a gift. Then, a few weeks ago they made a video of the song, again a gift to the troops. It is such a good video. I thought the idea of setting it in the future, at an archeological dig was very creative. It shows that we are still a free country, because our men and women in uniform are still doing a wonderful job protecting us and our liberties. :-) The mountains of Utah, where it was shot, are beautiful. :-)

If you would like to see the video just go to this link:
Enjoy it!! :-)

Wendy Darling