Sunday, August 31, 2008

Music Meme:

I stole this one from Cleggy. :-)

  1. List 10 musical artists you like, in no specific order (do this before reading the questions below). (Only 10?) :-(

    1.George Strait
    2. Eric Dodge
    3. Rosemary Clooney
    4. Casting Crowns
    5. The Temptations (The ORIGINAL)
    6. The Carpenters
    7. Michael W. Smith
    8. Harry Connick Jr.
    10. The Jonas Brothers (okay, I admit it... their good. Don't tell the nephew)

  2. What was the first song you ever heard by 6?

    Oh goodness, I don't remember... I want to say we sang "Sing a Song" in elementary school, but I didn't know they sang it. I also learned "On Top of the World" at church (changed a few lyrics), but again, I didn't know it was a Carpenters' song.

  3. What is your favorite song of 2?

    OH DON'T DO THAT TO ME!!! I love a lot of Eric's songs. Oh man, if I HAD to pick just one.... "That's Who I Wanna Be". NO, "Why Not Today." NO, "The Dash".... Can I just say, "Grab both CDs and point to one?" :-)
4. What is your favorite lyric by #5?

I really like most of the songs by The Temptations, but I really like "Just My Imagination". The reason why I love this part of it, is because of the way Paul sings it. He puts so much passion into it, and if we are honest we would all admit that we have felt this way about a guy/girl at least once in our life. Right? :-)

Every night, on my knees I pray,
"Dear Lord, hear my plea...
don't ever let another take her love from me
or I will surely die.."
Ooh, her love is heavenly;
when her arms enfold me,
I hear a tender rhapsody...
but in reality, she doesn't even know me

Just my imagination -- once again --
running away with me.
It was just my imagination
running away with me.
I never met her, but I can't forget her.
Just my imagination..
-- ooh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah --
running away with me

5. How many times have you seen 4 live?

Just once, but I would love to see them again. That was just one huge worship service!! It was awesome!

6. What is your favorite song by 7?

Oh, that's another hard one. I really like most of his songs, but I have always liked "Picture Perfect."

7. Is there any song by 3 that makes you sad?

"County Your Blessings" always makes me cry. It depends on the mood or circumstance if they are happy or sad tears. It is just a very moving song if you really think about it.

8. What is your favorite lyric of number 2?

Man! You're doing it to me, again!! Okay, I'm going to say these from "The Dash."

Someday they're going to carve two dates beneath my name in stone,
One for when I first arrived, one for when I say, "Goodbye".
I can't change when I got here, or when I'm going home
But there's still a little time in the middle that's mine, all mine

The dash between the dates the gift we've all been given.
That little line that takes us from the cradle up to heaven.
You're born and then you die.
Life goes by so fast, and it's all riding on the dash...

9. What is your favorite song by #9?

This is a tough one too, but I am going to have to say "Shackles." Mandissa can flat out SANG that song!

10. When did you first get into #1?

The first time I heard him sing "Amarillo By Morning." It was on the Country Music Awards in the early 80s, and he was so cute, and did a wonderful job. He is still very good looking, and the man can SING! And do I really need to mention "Pure Country?" Hello????

11. How did you get into #3?

I have always like the Standards, but I guess I really got into her after seeing "White Christmas." I just love her voice. :-)

12. What is your favorite song by #4?

OOOHHH, that is a hard one!!! Umm..... if I HAD to choose, "East from the West", from the "Altar and the Door" album. Although every one of their songs are amazing.

13. How many times have you seen 9 in concert?

None, but I would LOVE to. Especially if it was joined by a Beth Moore Seminar! :-)

14. What is a good memory concerning #4?

The concert that the nephew and I attended together. I worked getting the dressing rooms ready to get free tickets, and just being able to share that with him was awesome. And, of course the concert/worship was amazing. The night was a lot of fun, and I got a lot of joy from sharing it with him.

15. Is there a song by 10 that makes you sad?

No. Not sad.

16. What is your favorite song of #1?

Oh. My. Goodness. I have no idea how to narrow that one down. Ugh.... how do you choose a FAVORITE George Strait song?!..... I can't do it.... I'm sorry.

17. How did you become a fan of #10?

The nephew playing them ALL THE TIME wore me down. :-)

Wendy Darling

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm resorting to a Meme...

No, I have not been playing the highly addictive game "hammer head" so much that I haven't been posting. :-) I've been TEACHING. "Little Mark" and I have made this "crunch week" to finish our last 2 subjects so that we can begin 6th grade next week. :-) We are almost finished, praise the Lord! :-)

So, while I am waiting on him to finish an assignment I thought I would do a meme, so you would at least know I am still around. :-) I stole this one from Kwizgiver. :-)

Random Meme...

What’s the greatest thing that happened to you today?
I got up and did my Beth Moore Bible Study.

How many TRUE best friends do you have?
I have several.

Would you rather get up early or sleep in?
Get up early.

Tell me about the shirt you’re wearing?
Short sleeve, red, t-shirt

What are you excited about right now?
That we are ALMOST finished with our curriculum, AND that I found the Language Arts curriculum we need, and I get it on SATURDAY.

Would you rather smile over a lie or cry over the truth?
I think the truth is always better

What’s on your bedroom floor right now?
There are a few boxes under the bed

Who’s the last person you got into a argument with?
"Little Mark"

Do you trust people?
Most of the time.

If you could move away, no questions asked, where would you move?
The country.

Your favorite number?

Could you go a day without eating?
I have, several times

How much do looks matter to you in a guy/girl?
Integrity and character are more important

Do you like anybody right now?
Not romantically, no

When was the last time you had your hair cut?
three weeks or so ago

Would you rather be mad or sad?
Mad at least shows passion, and then I get over it

Does it take a lot to make you cry?

What's the best feeling in the world?
Love and happiness.

Are you close with your mom?
Pretty close

Are your parents strict?
I thought they were growing up, but I find that I am more strict than they were

Do you tell your parents everything?

Name some fears you have:
Being homeless, the rest I don't eve want to think about. It's all in God's hands.

Does the thought of marriage scare you?

How many kids do you want?
none of my own.

What’s your favorite season?

What’s your favorite color to wear?
Pink and purple, but not together :-) .

Who was the last person in your bedroom?
My mom

What are you doing today?
School and church.

Do you get bored easily?
Not really. I don't have time to be bored.

What’s something that someone can do that really bothers you?
lie, disrespect, be negative most of the time.

Did you ever want to change your name when you were younger?

Do you wish you were famous?
No not really.

Do you make a wish at 11:11?

When you go to the beach do you swim or lay out more?
I haven't been to the beach since I was a child, and I swam most of the time.

Who’s the last text message you received from and what did it say?
It was from Terry, and I don't remember the message.

What are you freakishly obsessed with?
I can't think of anything.

What’s your favorite song at the moment?
"Every Head Bowed, Every Eye Closed" by Randy Travis.

Do you like going to the mall to shop or just shopping online?
I really like both.

Can music affect your mood?

What piercings do you want?
Just my ears, but I haven't worn earrings in so long I am pretty sure they are closed up.

Have you ever been in a cave?
yes, it was cool

Ever eaten a bug?

Are you in a good mood?
Yes :-) .

Would you rather skydive or bungee jump?
Uh... that would be a neither.

Do you like snakes?

What’s one place you would like to visit?
New England.

Do you like waffles?

Does the number 23 have any significance to you?

Be honest, do you like people in general?

What color are the walls in your bedroom?
Light Purple.

Do you think starbucks is expensive?

Are you named after a family member?
Yes, but I have never met her.

Say you were given a drug test right now, would you pass or fail?
I would pass it.

Wanting to tell someone something?
I would like to tell "Little Mark" to STOP WASTING TIME

Last restaurant you went to?
Jalapeno Tree.

What is the weather like today?
Looks like it will be sunny

What happened yesterday?
We did school work ALL DAY

What would you do with five million dollars?
Tithe, give to charity, pay off family debts, fix up current home and give to the church, build a home in the country, buy a car, start trus funds for the nephews

How many hours did you sleep last night?
9:00 pm - 5:00 am, so that is 8 hours. I woke up a few times though.

Any upcoming concerts you want to attend?
Not that I know of.

Who’s the last person that you felt was stalking you?
No one.

Have you ever been on your school’s track team?

Have you cried today?
Yes, out of joy when doing the Bible Study

Do you think that someone is thinking about you right now?
I don't know

Does it annoy you when someone says they’ll call, but never do?
Depends on who they are, and why they are calling.

What did you dress up as for Halloween?

Cable or Satellite?

Favorite video game?

Does the evil, addicting "Hammer Heads" count?

Do you have to sleep with a fan on at night?

Your feelings on global warming?
I don't believe it is man made

Do you still have a VCR somewhere?

Been on a sailboat?
No, but I've been on a speed boat

Two of your best friends are fighting. Your reaction?
I try to be a peacemaker, and if that doesn't work I stay out of it

Home Depot or Lowes?
Home Depot.

Beer or Hard Liquor?

Best movie you’ve seen recently?
Journey to the Center of the Earth- 3D

Would you walk across broken glass for $100?

Your feelings on dolphins?
they're cool

Would you ever rob a bank?

Do you plan out your day before it begins?
Yes, but I'm still flexible to changes.

What kind of digital camera do you have?

Can you fall asleep with your eyes open?

Winter or Summer?

Your ex’s car breaks down and they ask you for a lift. Your response?
I give them a ride

Do you go to the gym regularly?
Not as much as I used to, but my routine is beginning to get back to normal.

Internet Explorer or Firefox?
We have both, but I prefer Firefox

Favorite sport to watch?
When I watch sports it is Ice Skating or Football

You see someone running around naked in the street. Your reaction?
Oh My Goodness!

How much syrup do you put on your waffles and/or pancakes for breakfast?
A little

Do you have a lot of candles in your room?
No, but I'd like some.

Are the files in your computer well organized or all over the place?
Pretty organized

Are there dogs barking in your neighborhood right now?

Where would you most like to be right now?
At the movies.

Do you own a sleeping bag?

Favorite reality show?
I don't really care for reality TV

What was the first CD you ever bought?
I honestly don't remember. I am sure it was probably George Strait though

Are all infomercials completely pointless?
Not all of them. But, I miss Mike, the guy from the 80s - 90s infomercials. He had nice sweaters. :-)

If money was no object, what car would you drive?
I would like a nice sized mini van, a hybrid

Was this survey random enough for you?


That's probably more than you ever wanted to know about me. :-)


Wendy Darling

Friday, August 22, 2008

I may need to search for a 12 step program...

I am addicted y'all. I can't help it. I am obsessed with a computer game. I need help.
Have y'all heard of "Hammer Head Deluxe?" OH. MY. GOODNESS. Addicting is not even the word.

"Little Mark" downloaded this game a couple of months ago. I saw him playing it once or twice. I wasn't really interested. But, earlier this week I gave it a try. HUGE mistake. I am now addicted to trying to make it to the next level. It is so bad y'all, that I was finally at a level where I could "save it", so I didn't have to start all the back over. The trouble is that when you get to that point, and move up, it's harder but you only have the power that was left from the last level to work with.

It's maddening. Y'all want to know just how bad it is? I have spent the last hour or so trying to get to the next level with only about 1/8 power. I get a little here and there, but nothing significant. Nothing that I can really work with. Each time I attempt the next level I only last about 30 seconds or so, but I immediately hit the "try again" button. I can't stop myself.

It is aggravating, frustrating, and I am determined to beat it!! So much so that I can't stop. It is fun too, but the best part (or worse) is the challenge. I am pretty much at a "no win situation", but I won't give up!

Help me.... ;-)

Wendy Darling

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I just read the most inspiring blog post over at Big Mama's, and I just had to share it. Thank you, Melanie. I needed to read that today. :-)

Wendy Darling

Monday, August 18, 2008

Homemade Hair Detangler

"Angel" has been less than diligent when it comes to brushing her hair. She showed up a few weeks ago with a terrible "rats nest" in the back of her hair. She would NOT let me comb it out. So, out of desperation I thought about buying some "No More Tangles" stuff. But, then I thought "Why not make it myself?" I poured some conditioner into a spray bottle with some water. Shook it up, and sprayed it on.

I told her it "works like magic. If you stay VERY still while I comb your hair the tangle will come out, and it will not hurt." She bought it, and IT WORKED. :-)

I did an Internet search to see if there was a recipe, and there are plenty. This is how I made mine.

1 C water in a spray bottle
about 1/4 conditioner
shake to mix

I use the same conditioner I use when I make my own fabric softener. It works great. Once it dries it doesn't look "wet/slick" or anything. Her hair looked and smelled great.

I don't really get into the whole "break down to the penny" thing, but it cost me around 25 cents to make this, and it will last a long time. :-) MUCH cheaper than the name brand. ;-)

Wendy Darling

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sing, Sing a Song...
"Little Mark" had a hard time doing it, but he finally admitted that he likes some of the songs on my MP3 player. ;-)

Every so often I take my mp3 player in the car with us, and I put it in. (One can only take some much Raven, Hannah and Jonas Brothers...) I tell him he can play any song, as long as it is off of MY mp3 player. I have noticed that he will put on one song, and then he will change it and say, "I know you want to hear this one." He always puts on the same 3 songs. Then, he will say (with a huge sigh) "I don't really like it, but I know you like it." (Insert violins here) ;-)

Today, he did the same thing on the way home from church. I told him, again, "You don't have to play just those songs. I like all of them on there, so play what you want. He responds, "No, it's okay." Then I few minutes later he admits, "OK, I do like them." :-) You could tell it just killed him to admit it. ;-)

The songs in question? "Amazing Grace", by Chris Tomlin; "Every Head Bowed" by Randy Travis; and THIS ONE:

Yes, my friends. That is the theme to the "Greatest American Hero," and it IS on my mp3 player. ;-) In all of its cheesy, 80s glory. ;-) And, I figured if I'm going to share it, I'm going to do it right. Here it is in a LIVE Solid Gold performance, complete with the SG dancers. :-) And "Little Mark" likes the song. ;-) The day he replaces a Raven, Hannah and Allie and AJ song with these 3, I will be one happy Aunt. ;-)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Change is good... :-)

Well, I made a lot of changes the last couple of weeks. The first one was, I cut my hair. Short.
Actually, I paid to have it cut. If I had done it they would have had to shave it, because the best hair dresser in the world would not have been able to fix it. Y'all it had become so long and so unruly that I was actually hot rolling it, and had the whole "80s big hair" thing going on. Yeah, it was scary.

After it was cut "Little Mark" said, "It's very short. That's not how you usually get it cut. I don't like it." Well, thank you for the boost of confidence, and remind me to teach you about TACT later. ;-)

I was a little nervous about it, because it is much shorter than I am used to having it, and it is layered all over, instead of just the bangs. But, I figured, "It's hair. It'll grow." The next day we had an activity at church, and I fixed my hair and walked in like any other day. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Y'all, there were compliments. MANY compliments. I was happy. ;-)

Since then I have gotten used to my hair, and I really like it. It is much easier to keep, and actually suits me for my age. :-) However, "Angel" didn't recognize me when she came back this week. She stared at me for a long time, trying to figure out what was different. She finally said, "You don't look like my Aunt Wendy." :-)

I pointed out that I had my hair cut. She looked really hard at me, and then proclaimed, "NO, you are a FAKE Aunt Wendy." All righty then. She has since gotten used to it, and says she likes it. "Little Mark" decided it was "Okay" after about the 3rd or 4th compliment he overheard me get. :-)

The other change is, I am taking a class on "Power Point" at the public library. Now, you may be thinking, "Power Point? Where have you been that you don't know that?"

I've been AT HOME, or CHURCH. So, to get out of the house, and because I want to learn it, I have been taking a class. One of the things I have been trying to teach "Little Mark" is that you never stop learning. You should always be trying to learn something new. Find something interesting, and learn all you can about it. So, this would be an example to him as well.

My sister is also taking the class, and that helps. But, I thought I was going to be in trouble the first night when the teacher, a friend of Cleggy's, opened by saying, "You will do just fine if you took the Introductory Class, because this is actually an ADVANCED class."

What?! Holy Moly, I am in trouble. He then followed that up with, "Or, if you are a fast learner." My sister, who also did NOT take the first class said, "We'll be fine." Uh... sure. OK. We'll give it a shot. I am a note taker. I have about half of a small legal pad filled with step by step notes. And you know what? It's fun. I really have learned a lot, I caught on fast, and I am looking forward to using it.

"Little Mark" wanted to take the class too, but I think I am just going to let his other Aunt teach him that. ;-) So, when I get my first solo Power Point presentation put together I'll share it with you. ;-) I like learning, growing, and changing. I guess you really can "teach an old dog new tricks." LOL... :-)

Wendy Darling

Friday, August 15, 2008

Grocery Cart Challenge

It's time for Grocery Cart Challenge, again. :-) I like participating in this each Friday. :-)

I actually posted this recipe back in May, but I wanted to post it again. Why? Well, 1) It's a good recipe, 2) I don't have to type a brand new recipe. :-)

Be sure to hop on over to Gayle's to see all of the other great recipes! Her Breakfast Parfait looks great!! :-)

We got this from the "Kraft: Food and Family Magazine" last month. If you are not familiar with this magazine please visit them here, and sign up to receive this free magazine. They really are full of great recipes y'all.

Anyway, on with the recipe. This is an awesome recipe. Little Mark LOVED them. He ate 4 that night at dinner. FOUR! Even after he declared "that looks nasty; I'm not eating it." Yeah, bud, try saying that with your mouth full of tuna cake. :-) Before posting the recipe let me just say that when we made it we doubled the recipe and only made half of the recipe for dinner that night, and then the rest at lunch the next day. It worked wonderfully. :-)

prep time: 10 minutes Total: 26 minutes, including refrigerating.

2 cans (6 oz each) of light tuna in water, drained and flaked
1 pkg (6 oz) Stove Top stuffing mix for chicken. (we used the "off-brand" cornbread stuffing and it worked just fine.)
1 C Kraft shredded mild cheddar cheese
1/2 C shredded carrots
1/3 C Kraft Mayo Real Mayonnaise
2 Tbl. Sweet Pickle Relish
3/4 C water

Mix the tuna, stuffing mix, cheese, carrots, dressing, relish and water in a bowl. Cover the bowl and refrigerate for 10 minutes. Heat a large nonstick skillet sprayed with cooking spray on medium heat. Scoop tuna mixture, using about 1/3 C for each cake, into skillet in batches. Try using an ice cream scoop to make evenly portion batches. (We did and it worked great!)
Gently flatten cakes using a spatula. Cook 3 minutes on each side or until they are golden brown on both sides, turning cakes over carefully. Makes 6 servings, 2 tuna cakes each.

I am sorry that there aren't any photos this time, but believe me when I tell you that these are AMAZING, and healthy. :-) Enjoy!

Wendy Darling

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Free Download!!!

I know that I have mentioned my love for Eric Dodge's singing before. This week he was in Country Weekly Magazine. He is and independent label, and he made it into Country Weekly Magazine!! How awesome is that!! :-)

He wrote a song, "Last Real Cowboy" in memory of his grandfather. Y'all this song is amazing. You can download it for FREE at Country Weekly

Hop on over and download it, listen to it, and then go HERE or HERE and purchase his CD. You won't be sorry. OH, and he has a Christmas CD coming out VERY soon. :-)


Wendy Darling

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Awesome Bagel Dog Recipe...

I wish I could take credit for this recipe, but I can't. Cleggy found it on the internet HERE, and he made them. Oh. My. Goodness. They are amazing. :-)

We used to buy bagel dogs years ago, and then the store stopped carrying them. We couldn't find them anywhere. Then, we started ordering them from Schwan's, but they are rather expensive, and you only get 8.

So, Cleggy in his infinite wisdom did a recipe search and came up with this:

I missed getting pictures of him making the dough, but I did get the

These were taken after the "dogs" were rolled into the dough, and just before the boiling stage. He doubled the recipe and made 12 "dogs" and 3 regular bagels.

You only boil them until they float to the surface. This step only took a minute or so.

This is what they look like after they are boiled. They have been placed on a lightly greased cookie sheet.

Half-way through the baking process (about 10 minutes) he brushed them with an egg wash and placed them in the oven for 10 more minutes.

Here they are just out of the oven. Nice and golden brown. :-)
Here is one after it has been cut in half. :-) It tasted fantastic!! :-) We are freezing the rest to have for a quick lunch one day. :-) I do believe more will be made soon to "stock-pile" the freezer. :-)

Now, Cleggy differed from the recipe a little. Instead of making them into bagels, he pinched off a piece of dough the size of a billiard ball. He then rolled it out longer in length than the sausage, and 3 times as wide. [He used Eckridge Beef Smoked Sausage -14 oz package]. You then wrap the the bagel around the sausage, much like you would a pig-in-a-blanket.)

Wendy Darling

Sunday, August 03, 2008

And the winner is.....

I know it is about 10 minutes early, but I need to leave for church. Sorry that I didn't think of that when I set the time of the drawing for 6:00 pm. I'll remember not to do that next time. :-)

Thank you to EVERYONE who entered the contest. If in the event you did not win, please visit the website here, and order yourself a book. It really is a great one to own, makes a great gift and you will be supporting our soldiers at the same time. How could it be better? :-)

Well, one way is also going HERE and see the different ways you can support our troops. You can adopt a soldier, just write letters or cards, bake cookies to send, make no-sew-blankets for the wounded, etc... There are many ways you can be a blessing to our men and women in uniform. :-)

Now, what am I forgetting?..........

OH, the winner!! :-) (Thought I forgot didn't you?) ;-)

OK, I used the random generator, and it popped out.....

#27 - TXsunlover!! :-)
Congratulations, and thank you, again for all of you who entered. Again, please visit the above links and order yourself a copy of this great cookbook. :-)

Wendy Darling

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Happy Birthday, Trey!!! :-)

My youngest nephew's birthday is actually in July, but we had his party today. :-) I made the cake you see here in the picture. (Yes, that is the Houston Astro's logo) He is 6 years old now, and is very excited about it. :-)

He received many games and books, which he enjoyed. They are all on "his reading level", since he is a beginning reader. He is doing very well, and cannot wait to begin 1st grade. :-)
I am very proud of the little guy. :-) I am sure his Dad will blog more about it, so I won't continue further.

Happy Birthday!! We love you. :-)

Wendy Darling
Sometimes it isn't worth talking to a REAL person...

If you're like me there are many times when you call a company you just want to talk to a real person. Someone without that monotone voice on the other end that tells you to keep pushing buttons. MANY BUTTONS. I just want to be able to ask a question.

So, yesterday when I decided to make a couple of purchases from those neat little inserts you get in the Sunday paper, I called instead of doing it online. (We'll call that mistake #1)

The first one I called was Pro-Active. I got a representative right away. I didn't have to wait, listening to some lame music or advertisement for the company. I thought it was a good sign. My representative spoke very fast, and didn't exactly have an American accent. I couldn't understand a lot of things she said, and I had to ask her to repeat herself several times.

I finally got through the end of it, I understood my purchase and my payment plan, etc. She asked, "Do you have any other questions, or purchases you would like to make today?" I replied, "No, thank you. Good Bye." It was all finalized and I was happy.

But, she wasn't finished. Oh no. She then spoke even faster than before (if that was possible) and began to try to get me to purchase vitamins, oil remover, and several other things. Now, like most of you, I was taught not to interrupt people when they are talking. Over the years though, I have decided that telephone sales people are an exemption to that rule. It just wastes their time, and mine, when I know I am not going to make any other purchases. I could tell she was reading from a script. I tried to interrupt her, but she wasn't stopping. So, when she finished her pitch I politely replied, "No thank you. I have what I need."

She then tried to begin again, this time I did manage to interrupt with "No thank you, all I need is what I ordered. I appreciate your time." And, I hung up on her. I did feel a twinge of guilt, because I know it was rude, but when they don't stop how else do you handle that?

Then, I made a call for a purchase my Mom was making. It was to a clothing company. Again, I immediately got a representative. A very nice lady who did not talk too fast, and who I understood very well. "This one will be much easier..." I thought. I was WRONG!

Placing my order took less than 5 minutes. They had everything she wanted in stock, and all was well. Then, the representative asked the inevitable question, "Will there be anything else?" I said, "No, thank you. That is all." and before I could say "Good-Bye" she went into a full scale pitch about Health Care insurance. Excuse me? I called a clothing company, not an insurance company. She spoke even more quickly than the last woman, and I could not interrupt at all. So, when she, FINALLY, finished telling me that she could "easily sign me up for one free month and if I was not completely satisfied I could cancel at any time..." I told her, "No, thank you, I know I won't use it so I will save you and myself the trouble." She then, reading from a script, continued the pitch telling me "I was making such a terrible mistake and it was oh so easy to sign me up for a FREE month and I could cancel at any time but she couldn't believe why I would because I would save OH SO MUCH MONEY." (WHEW! I don't know how she did it, but she never took a breath, seriously)

Again, after declining and hanging up on her, I thought about it, and I have decided to beat them at their own game. I have written my own "preface" to give when calling a sales representative. :-) Here it is, and feel free to use it the next time you have to talk to one of them. :-)

My name is ____________________, and I will be happy to spell that for you in just a moment, but first let me just go ahead and save us both some valuable time. I want to make a purchase from you. I have thought long and hard about my purchase, and I have only what I absolutely want to buy on my list. I do not wish to hear about any other fabulous offer you have that I may not be aware of. Believe me, I am aware of it and I don't want it. Please, do not try to sell me accessories, extras, insurance, warranties, etc. I assure you my world will not fall apart if I do not add those things to my order.

I don't care if I get a free trial for one month, because we both know that I will be so busy next month that I will forget to cancel and then I will be out money as well as time when I DO call to cancel. That will not be good for you or me, so we will just avoid that issue altogether.

However, I do have an order right in front of me, and I have all of my information ready to give to you. If you would be so kind as to type it in and give me my confirmation number. Please, be aware that when our conversation is completely finalized I will politely thank you, and promptly hang up the phone. Do not be offended, as I am saving your valuable time as well as mine. Are you ready to begin?"

How does that sound? Too much? ;-)

Wendy Darling