Monday, May 31, 2010


Obviously that whole "blog more" thing hasn't worked out. Sorry about that. Seems I have lacked motivation/time/blog fodder for a couple of weeks, at least.

Good news is, there are no pictures of snakes this time. :-) We did have one more battle with a snake, OUTSIDE, but that was my brother's battle, and he put up a brave fight. It was a rat snake, more commonly known as a chicken snake. We have a field just on the other side of our fence that the owners don't keep mowed very well, and we believe they are coming from there. It doesn't help that we don't rake regularly either. Oh well, enough of that.

I've been really nostalgic again lately. Perhaps it is because "Little Mark" will turn 14 in a couple of weeks. That seems so weird to type, much less say aloud. I can't believe it.

I've been thinking a lot about when my siblings and I were young. On weekends or holidays we would play board games for hours. It was nothing for a Monopoly marathon to last all weekend. When I was in high school we lived just outside of a small town. Since we lived so far out of town we spent many weekends at home, playing games. We would turn on the "oldies" station on the radio and listen for hours; they played requests. Or, we took turns playing our cassette tapes while we played Gin Rummy, or our favorite, 42. :-) I remember it like it was yesterday. Games, junk food, music, laughter and teasing... it was a great time.

Now, it's difficult for us to get together, and not everyone will play games when we do. We've all developed other interests, and it's a shame. I've tried to instill the love of board games/cards, etc. in "Little Mark", but it's an uphill battle. Kids today don't seem interested in those "simple" games anymore. Now, it has to be played on a computer, a Wii, or have a DVD involved to hold their attention.

Maybe that's just the way I see it.

We don't often get to take vacations, but the greatest one we could take ( in my opinion) would involve a whole Saturday at the kitchen table with the "simple" games of our youth lining the kitchen counter. Junk food in the fridge and music playing in the room. No responsibilities or places to go.

Just a leisurely day of fun... and me winning. ;-)

SO, what was your favorite game to play when you were young?

Wendy Darling