Friday, October 30, 2009

Grocery Cart Challenge Recipe Swap Friday

My goodness, it has been awhile since I have participated in a Friday Recipe Swap. :-)
I thought I would do a simple one, so simple there aren't any measurements. :-) I make this quite a bit as a side dish, but to be honest, it is very good on it's own as well. It is CHEAP, and very filling.

I hope you enjoy it, and please hop on over to The Grocery Cart Challenge, and see all of the wonderful recipes being shared there today. Gayle has a great one for Bay Leaf Tea that helps to fight the flu. :-) If you would like to participate, please do, and link your recipe to Gayle, and don't forget to mention the link in your post so others may enjoy all of the wonderful recipes being shared. :-)

Stewed Tomatoes and Spinach

1 large can of stewed tomatoes. ( I like to use the sliced ones)
small onion, chopped
minced garlic (as much as you like)
1 lb of spinach leaves
salt and pepper to taste
dash of nutmeg

Combine tomatoes, onion and garlic in a sauce pan. simmer until hot, and the onions are soft/translucent. Add salt and pepper. Add washed spinach on top of tomatoes, and grate just a bit of nutmeg onto the spinach. Turn off your heat, and place lid on pan to allow spinach to wilt. This will only take a few minutes, and will allow the spinach to keep most of it's color. Give a toss and enjoy. :-)

Wendy Darling

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

For Our Heroes....

There are currently just under 2000 heroes waiting to be adopted. Please, watch the video, then go to and sign up to adopt a soldier today.

Wendy Darling

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Staycation and Christmas.... defines "staycation" as: (noun) a stay-at-home vacation

Pretty self explanatory, I think. We have been on a "staycation" this week. I have a feeling that with the current economy MANY people will be taking staycations, if any vacation at all. I have to admit, when our Tennessee vacation turned into a "staycation", I was disappointed. However, I have to say that I did enjoy myself this week. :-)

We originally had several trips planned, within a 2 1/2 hr. driving distance, for this week. However, we ended up only traveling 2 of those days. The first day we actually spent at home, cooking breakfast for the week. We made things ahead of time that could be frozen, such as cinnamon rolls, pancakes wrapped around little smokies, etc. That way we cut down on the cooking this week, and were able to relax more even if we did not get to go anywhere. :-) It worked well, I think.

If you will indulge me, I'll give you a quick run down of our "adventures." :-)

Our first "trip" took us to a little town called Woodville, in southeast Texas. We went to Heritage Village to attend the Harvest Festival. We did actually have a little adventure here involving our low sitting car and a root, but I am going to let Cleggy tell you about that, because he will be much wittier than me. (Hear that, Cleggy? You have to blog about it now.) :-) I have to apologize up front to all of my scrapbooking friends. I am ashamed to say that I did not think to get a picture of Cleggy under the car trying to fix it, and once he reminded me about it we were already on the road and he refused to pull over and recreate the scene for me to redeem myself.

I KNOW!! How selfish could he be, right? ;-)

Anyway, the Harvest Festival was a lot of fun. All of the vendors were in period costume, and we saw them spinning yarn, making baskets, making hand dipped candles, etc. It was a great day.

On Sunday we went grocery shopping. Try to contain your excitement. ;-)

Monday we spent at home and played games. I finally got the rest of the family to play Mexican Train with me. :-) It was a lot of fun, actually.

Tuesday was our second and last "trip away from home." We spent the day in Jefferson, TX. Jefferson is home to several of "the most haunted places in Texas." I am happy to report that we didn't see any ghosts. ;-) Just a lot of old, historical buildings, a music/used bookstore antique stores, museums, etc. We ate lunch at the Hamburger Store. It was really good, and we loved the atmosphere. Everything from the red and white checker pattern on the floor and table cloths to the 50s music that filled the air. OH, and if you ever get a chance to go there, be sure and ask them about the story behind all of the $1 bills that paper the walls. :-)

And order the Chicken Fried Steak sandwich with sweet potato fries; I'm just sayin'. :-)

We also had floats and milk shakes and the "Jefferson General Store". This place was so neat, and really was like taking a step back in time. :-) And, we found THIS:

We didn't buy it mind you, we just saw it and took a pic. ;-)

Wednesday we "straightened" the garage and watched a movie. We also played games, and "Little Mark" and I painted Christmas ornaments.

Today and Friday will pretty much be the same; run a few errands, watch a movie, play some games, and just relax. I did finish making a Christmas tree I have been working on for our front porch. I made it using a tomato cage, greenery and decorations I got from the $1 store.

No we didn't travel umpteen hundred miles, stay in hotels and spend a lot of money eating out just to come home and "need a vacation from our vacation", but we did get out a little, got a few projects finished and relaxed a lot. With a little planning about the meals, and cooking ahead, we didn't spend all of our time in the kitchen, and we were able to just enjoy each others company. Really, isn't that what family vacations are for?

Wendy Darling

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What to do?

I have been struggling with a decision for a couple of months now, and still have not come up with the proper answer. So, I thought I would post it and see what advice I get back on this.

I have a Bible that is over 20 years old. Actually, it used to be my brother's. I LOVE this Bible. It is a Thomas Nelson/KJV Study Bible. Well, the leather covering has literally crumbled off, and the spine is now separating from the pages. Recovering the Bible is not an option, because: 1. It is too expensive, and 2. One page (JUST ONE PAGE) in Isaiah is torn, so it it missing some of the words.

I have purchased a new Bible, but my problem is, "What do I do with the old one?"

I just cannot bring myself to throw it away. I mean, it's missing a part of a page in Isaiah, so giving it to someone who could/would have it recovered is not an option. I have done some research on this, and quite a few places say you should bury it, but I keep thinking the rest of the Bible is still perfectly usable; even though I have underlined and made notes in it. It seems a sin to bury it, but then I have to wonder if I am worshiping the Bible more than God? I mean it's THE WORD OF GOD... (Yeah, that's deep. I think I'm getting a headache.)

Someone even said to send it to a missionary and let them divide it up by "books" to use in the mission field. How do I find a missionary who would be willing to do that?

So, there it sits on my night stand, unused. Have any of you had this dilemma with old Bibles? What did you do?

Wendy Darling

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yep, it's me! :-)

I think I just heard a huge "gasp" in the blogosphere... yes, I am writing. :-) I can't believe that it has been so long since I have blogged... where does the time go?

I have started many blog posts, and even have a couple of them saved in notepad, that will probably never see the light of day. There are days when I had really great things I wanted to write about, and didn't have time to blog about it. Then there were days I wanted to be sentimental and inspiring... uh... yeah. Then there were the days I just wanted to vent, and they were mostly about politics. So, I typed them out. I even got up one morning at 3:00 a.m., because I just couldn't sleep, and began typing randomly. It made no sense, but helped me, so I guess it was therapeutic.

Then, I went through a time when I just didn't want to do anything. I stopped reading blogs I faithfully read everyday, and even considered whether or not I wanted to continue this one. I just went through a "funk." My mother swears I have entered menopause (sorry men), and she may be right. I even stopped posting recipes; the one thing I loved doing, and could always count on.

But, I'm feeling better now; I think I am getting my spirit of blogging back, and have even begun reading blogs again. ;-) I've missed them. It's like not talking to a good friend for a long time, and then losing touch.

One blog I read faithfully was My Best Investments, and I read it tonight for the first time in a long time. Leighton is the owner of this great blog, and he had a really good post I wanted to share with you titled, "Dreaming out Loud." I think you will enjoy it as much as I did. Makes a lot of sense.

I guess a readers digest version of "catch up with Wendy" might be in order, so here goes:

1. Homeschool is going great. New schedule this year seems to be working out.
2. Experiencing mood swings, and given to tears when I think of how the nephews are growing, pretty much anything sentimental.
3. 4-H is back in full swing, and I am NOT the manager. :-)
4. I am leading the photography project and it is going well.
5. Entering new season of life and, with God's help, surviving mood swings.
6. Very involved with church ministries and loving it.
8. Pretty addicted to Facebook
9. Did I mention mood swings?
10. Biggest Loser competition... don't ask... They are doing it again in January
11. Chocolate is great for the mood swings, but NOT helpful in the Biggest Loser competition.

That about sums it up. ;-) Hopefully, I have not lost the 3 or 4 people who actually read my blog, and I hope you will come back. I have every intention of writing again soon. :-) Maybe next time we can share some spiced tea and cookies together.

Wendy Darling