Friday, August 22, 2008

I may need to search for a 12 step program...

I am addicted y'all. I can't help it. I am obsessed with a computer game. I need help.
Have y'all heard of "Hammer Head Deluxe?" OH. MY. GOODNESS. Addicting is not even the word.

"Little Mark" downloaded this game a couple of months ago. I saw him playing it once or twice. I wasn't really interested. But, earlier this week I gave it a try. HUGE mistake. I am now addicted to trying to make it to the next level. It is so bad y'all, that I was finally at a level where I could "save it", so I didn't have to start all the back over. The trouble is that when you get to that point, and move up, it's harder but you only have the power that was left from the last level to work with.

It's maddening. Y'all want to know just how bad it is? I have spent the last hour or so trying to get to the next level with only about 1/8 power. I get a little here and there, but nothing significant. Nothing that I can really work with. Each time I attempt the next level I only last about 30 seconds or so, but I immediately hit the "try again" button. I can't stop myself.

It is aggravating, frustrating, and I am determined to beat it!! So much so that I can't stop. It is fun too, but the best part (or worse) is the challenge. I am pretty much at a "no win situation", but I won't give up!

Help me.... ;-)

Wendy Darling

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