Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dear Peter,

I hope you are doing well. How are things in NeverLand? I am sorry I have not written in awhile. Things have been very busy here. One thing has happened that I would like to tell you about. I think my dear nephew is maturing. :-) Let me explain.

I had changed the rules about his PS1 playtime. It used to be after school and chores he could play for 1 hour. Well, he wasn't practicing his karate or
exercising, so I changed it to "1 minute of PS1 for 1 minute of exercise,
and he had to earn a minimum of 30 minutes before he could collect his
reward". Then, he got grounded from it.

Yesterday he was talking about this thing they do on Nickelodean "the go
healthy challenge"
He said he wanted to exercise more and eat healthier, which we have been
trying to do for quite sometime`. I told him about something I saw on TV. It was a boy about his age who figured up how much time he spent in front of the TV and game
systems (he had several). It was A LOT. He decided to sell his systems and
TV. He used the money to buy some exercise equipment and healthy snacks,
then he took the same time he WAS spending watching TV and playing games and
used that time to exercise. He lost weight, obviously. David liked the
idea and asked for permission to sell his PS1 and TV. I said, "Ok". He
put it on the radio for $30 and it sold this morning. I took him to the
store and he bought several kinds of fruit, veggies, and rice cakes. As
soon as we got home I helped him clean his veggies so they would be on hand,
and ready to eat. He had raw veggies, ranch dressing, chicken salad and
crackers for supper. When he got home from karate he ate a rice cake with
cream cheese. He has done very well for his first day. :-)

I am also trying very hard to eat healthier and move more. He is inspiring
me. :-)

Tell Tink and the Lost Boys that I said, "Hello".

Wendy Darling

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