Saturday, April 07, 2007

Dear Peter,

Happy Easter! :-) I hope the local church does not mind my "borrowing" the last two pictures on the right from their website. The nephew was in the play The Passion last night and tonight. I saw both performances, and was moved to tears both times.

I know that it seems "mechanical" to think of the resurrection of Christ at Easter, but seeing this play made it so "real" to me. From seeing Jesus teaching and healing, to seeing him ride into the church on a REAL donkey. Then, seeing him be beaten and crucified. Everyone involved did such an awesome job making it dramatic and realistic. Then, as the choir and actors belted out the song "He's Alive", and Jesus emerged from the tomb in a cloud of smoke the audience responded with triumphant shouts and clapping like thunder. :-) I couldn't help but get emotional, and cry unashamedly. It made me wish everyone I knew who is not saved was there to see it!

As a result, 4 children were saved this evening, and I believe many more will make the decision soon, based on what they saw tonight. :-)

It was a wonderful way for all of us to forget about eggs, bunnies and Easter baskets; and to focus on the real reason we celebrate Easter. We celebrate because Christ did not remain dead, He DID rise, and will come again. :-)

I left that play with two feelings. One of pride for my nephew doing so well, as well as our friends who were also in the play. And with an excited,renewed spirit. :-)

Wendy Darling

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