Sunday, May 27, 2007

Wal Mart Sucks! .... and other thoughts for the day....

Can I say that in a blog? Will I be sued for slander? I. Don't. Care. I know I am not the only one who believes that since Mr. Sam died Wal Mart no longer cares about the customer. At least the one in my town doesn't. We have actually boycotted Wal Mart in the past, and the only reason it stopped was because the gas prices went too high to continue the 25 mile trek to the nearest town where we would actually have CHOICES in grocery stores.

They rarely smile and greet you. Most of the cashiers barely look at you, much less say anything to you beyond the total of your purchase. Not even a "Thank you for shopping Wal Mart." When you do have a question about a product or something you can never find anyone to help you, and if you do find someone they don't know anything anyway. Today my sister called, because the camera my nephew got for Christmas is no longer working. All we wanted to do was exchange it, not get money back. She spoke to 2 people. The first was rude and then hung up on her, the second was VERY rude and she hung up on them. What ever happened to the Customer is always right? Poor Sam must be rolling over in his grave! When, Oh When are we going to get some competition in this town?!

OK, off my tangent. Today is Memorial Day. I was reminded of the times when we were little that our Daddy (a Vietnam Vet and member of the VFW) would go place flags on the graves of former soldiers. We would go and help. We didn't really understand it back then, but I am grateful that he gave us that experience. There is nothing more important than thanking a soldier for their service. It is because of them we have the right to speak our minds (such as the above paragraph) and live the way we choose. SO, if you are reading this and you are a veteran, "THANK YOU!"

I am going to spend a couple of days with my sister later this week. The nephew will be attending his first Children's Camp. He is excited, but I can tell he is also nervous. Dear Sister and her husband were nice enough to invite me to stay with them for a couple days, so I could have a break as well. I have to say I am really looking forward to it. :-) I could use a couple of days away. :-)

I need some extra prayers from you out there. I have about decided to change churches. I have been thinking about it for awhile, but I wanted to make sure that if I stayed or left it was because it was what God wanted, not because of what I wanted. I am pretty sure I received my answer today. I have a paid position in the church, so if I leave I will need to resign, speak to my pastor personally, and then leave. I REALLY like my pastor and most everyone at the church, but I really feel the call to leave as well. It is difficult, because I don't want any hard feelings. I don't feel there will be, but you never know. And switching churches and then having to find where you can be of service is scary as well. Thankfully, I already have several friends in the church I will be switching to, so that helps. :-)

I have, finally, signed up for the Wilton Cake Decorating class. I begin June 5th. I am excited. :-) I am glad I will finally be able to learn how to do these cakes correctly. :-)

Well, I think that pretty much catches you up with things about me. See you next time. :-)

Wendy Darling

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Princess LadyBug said...

All WalMarts are evil. I avoid them at all costs. Here's hoping you guys get some better places to shop soon.

Have fun on your vacation!