Saturday, September 10, 2011

It was a good drill....

You may have heard about the severe drought/wildfires we have been battling here in Texas. To say it has been HOT would be an understatement. Last Sunday we had a wonderful cool front come through, that brought much cooler temperatures, and some wind. It's reported that later in the day the wind knocked a dead tree down on a power line and that started a fire. It's also been reported they have started other ways as well; everything from cigarettes to arson.

It seemed like every few minutes reports of another fire popped up, and we had no idea which way there were going. People were understandably scared and confused.

Praise God the closest fire to us came within 10 miles, but never reached us. However, we are the "cautious" type, and always try to be prepared for "just in case" situations.

So, we decided to go ahead and pack the cars "just in case."

Everyone was told to pack a bag of clothes, and only take what cannot be replaced. We had 2 car trunks and 1 back seat we could use, but not overload.

I am proud to say we thought of almost everything. Everyone had 2-3 pairs of pants, 1 weeks worth of shirts, a pair of PJs, and underclothes, socks, etc. We packed our 2 First Aid Kits, including ALL of the Young Living Oils we own, along with the diffuser.

And photo albums. LOTS of photo albums.

I say it was a good dry run because we did learn a few things. 1) We each learned what was important, and what wasn't to us. 2) We only forgot a couple of things that really should go if we ever actually have to evacuate, and 3) I will no longer do traditional scrapbooks. While I LOVE the creativity it allows me, they are too heavy and bulky. So, it's digital scrapbooks from now on. Cost about the same, and take up a lot less space.

Other than that, we did really well.

Another thing I learned is just how grateful I am for Facebook.

Our local news station kept us VERY WELL informed via facebook. We were able to get notices of fires and evacuations a lot faster than if it had been on TV. There is also a page for fires all over Texas, so we were able to share information. People were so great to immediately offer help for families, and even for land to relocate their animals. It was amazing to watch all of this unfold before me on the internet.

I'm sure the creators of FB never thought of it being used in this manner, but either regardless of that I say, "Thank you."

The fires are still burning over many parts of Texas, and many people have lost their homes. We know people who have been evacuated, and also many who had their homes saved.

I have to say "THANK YOU" to ALL of the firefighters, many who have been fighting since it started, almost a week ago. YOU ARE HEROES.

To any of you who are also being affected by the fires, my prayers are with you, and please stay safe.

Please, pray for RAIN IN TEXAS.

Wendy Darling

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