Saturday, May 06, 2006

Well, tomorrow is Jimmy's memorial service. My very good friend, Cheri, has driven from Houston to go with me. I have finished the music cd for the memorial service that Jimmy's mom asked me to put together. I think I made the choices Jimmy would have wanted.
My dear brother found a wonderful website for me to get the music from.
It is kind of like NAPSTER, but for Christian music. The songs that I chose are mostly upbeat, Southern Gospel. Jimmy really liked them all. They are:
Shoutin' Time
Singin' with the Saints
Wouldn't Take Nothin' for my Journey Now
Long Black Train
Death Ain't No Big Deal
Old Gospel Ship
This Train
Sweet Beulla Land
When All is Said and Done.

I still have to decide what I will say about Jimmy tomorrow. I have been trying to get some ideas together. I have not written anything down, so I thought that if I typed something out here it might help. I first met Jimmy my Junior year in high school. I would go into the station that he worked in to make a fool of myself over a boy. I guess Jimmy took pity on me, and gave me free cokes.
I met his Mom Vicky when I began working at the nursing home. We became friends and then Jimmy and I became friends. The more we talked the more we found we had a lot in common. That began a 15 year friendship. Although we lost touch several times we would always start talking again, and picked up as if no time had passed. We could tell each other anything, and we always had fun. In that time I had the chance to see Jimmy show his true character. He was the kind of guy who would give you his last dollar if he knew you needed it, and if he didn't have it he would be the one to start taking up a collection. Aside from being generous and thoughtful he was a person of integrity, he never judged anyone.
The last song that is on the cd has a verse that says, "Will they say I loved my family? That I was a faithful friend? That I lived to tell of God's own Son. When all is said and done." The answer is a most profound, "Yes".
WEndy Darling

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