Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dear Peter,

Well, I started to post something totally different this evening, but decided against it. Let me just pose this question, "Why on earth do some women stay with men who they KNOW wants to harm/kill them"? I just don't understand. Okay as Monty Python would say, "Now for something completely different". Taking a cue from Cleggy I have decided to post the first story I have ever written, and hope to have published "someday". :-) Hope you enjoy it.


Once upon a time there was a little girl named Gwen. She was a very cute little girl. She had long brown hair that she wore in pigtails. She always wore green hair ribbons. Green was her favorite color, you see, and it didn’t matter to Gwen that the ribbons did not always match her outfit. She liked them anyway. She had deep green eyes and a little nose that turned up at the end.

Gwen was what some people would call chubby. She was a chubby baby and a chubby child. She wasn’t small or thin like most other 9 year olds. She didn’t run quite as fast as the other children but in every other respect she was just like everyone else. Sometimes people would say mean things to Gwen or her parents about Gwen being chubby. Things like, “you should diet,” or “you are too fat to play like other children play.” Some children who were very cruel would chant, “Fatty, Fatty, two by four you can’t fit through the door.” At times like these Gwen did not feel cute and she would feel sad about her body. Momma would tell her, “Gwen, God made us all different. You know that you eat healthy and exercise. You know that you can
do anything that other children can do. God is an artist and NO ONE should insult God’s artwork.” Momma always knew how to make Gwen feel better.

One-day Gwen’s daddy came home and said that because of his job the whole family was moving. Gwen hated the thought of leaving her friends but Momma and Daddy promised her she would make new friends.

On the day Gwen and her family arrived at their new home Gwen was excited to see that they lived near the school that Gwen would be attending. She was also happy to see that it had a playground and on the playground was a baseball diamond. Gwen loved to play baseball and hoped she would be able to make some friends soon so she could join a team.

The next morning Gwen was so nervous about beginning a new school, she almost didn’t feel like eating her favorite breakfast of cornflakes with fresh fruit. They lived close to the school so Gwen was able to walk to school with her Momma. Gwen was glad because she loved walking and was not able to at her old school because they lived too far away.

As Gwen and Momma approached the school Gwen could see a lot of children all about her age. She wondered which ones would be in her class. She saw a very nice looking red haired girl who was smiling and laughing with a group of other children. As Gwen and her Momma walked up to the front entrance of the school Gwen heard a low “Moo” sound and some children giggling. She turned to see a couple of boys and a girl with long blonde hair staring at her and whispering. Another girl who was with them was laughing with her mouth behind a book so that Gwen would not be able to see. But Gwen saw and heard the rude insults. “Oh, no” thought Gwen, “This is not going to be a good day.”

Gwen met the principal, a very nice man named Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson was kind of young to be a principal, Gwen thought but he had a very nice smile and was friendly. He was also a little chubby. He had a friendly, deep laugh and when he laughed his stomach shook a little. Mr. Johnson walked Gwen to her classroom and introduced her to her teacher, Mrs. Jimenez.

Mrs. Jimenez was a very pretty lady with short, reddish brown hair and a big smile. As she introduced Gwen to the class Gwen noticed that the boy who had made the rude noises when she first entered the school was sitting in the second row. She felt a pang in her stomach and thought for a moment she might want to go home. Then she noticed that the red haired girl with the nice smile was also in the room. Mrs. Jimenez told Gwen to take the seat next to the red haired girl. As she took her seat the girl leaned over and said, “Hi, my name is Cheri. Would you like to have lunch with me?” Gwen smiled and said, “Yes, thank you.” This might not be such a bad day after all.

After a morning of Science and Social Studies Gwen sat with Cheri at lunch and also met Sunny, Dinah, Arlene, Terry, Scott, and David. They had a nice time laughing and getting to know each other. David and Gwen talked about baseball, their favorite sport. She also noticed that the boy who had made the rude noises kept looking at her and whispering to some of his friends, including the girl with the long blonde hair. Cheri told Gwen their names were Tim and Tina. They were twins and were known for making fun of other children. Cheri and her friends did not hang out with them.

At recess Tim and Tina approached Gwen and her new friends and asked, “Who would like to play baseball?” Gwen and David said, “We would!” Tim began to laugh and said, “You’re too fat to play baseball.”

Gwen took the bat and said, “Watch me.” Teams were chosen and Gwen was placed on David’s team. Gwen had told David how much she liked baseball and that she was a good hitter. David decided to let Gwen bat fourth. The first three children all hit singles which put one child on each base. Then it was Gwen’s turn at bat.
Tim and some of his teammates began to make “moo” noises and yell things like “fatty!” Gwen did not let their insults bother her this time. She knew she could hit that ball and she was ready to prove to them that even a little chubby girl was good at something.

Tim pitched the ball and everyone watched as Gwen swung her bat and listened as the “crack” echoed in the schoolyard. Everyone tried to keep his or her eyes on it as it flew and was lost in the noonday sun. Gwen ran around the bases and made sure to touch each base as she rounded the diamond. Her entire team cheered and welcomed home each player as he touched home plate raising the score one more point. As Gwen came in she saw all the children, Mr. Johnson, and Mrs. Jimenez clapping and cheering for her. Even Tim, who looked stunned, had to clap at such a wonderful show of sportsmanship.

After being greeted by her teammates Gwen was met by Tim who apologized for his rude behavior that day. He said, “I just never knew a fat person could be like everyone else.” Gwen replied, “First of all, I prefer not to be called fat. People think of fat people as being lazy and unhealthy and I am neither of these. And second, you should never judge a person by their appearance. If you had talked to me instead of make fun of me you would have known I was good at baseball. God likes variety. That is why we are all different races, have different hair and eye color and why some people can walk and some are in wheelchairs. And also why some are short, tall, skinny, and chubby. God, the great potter made us all. He just used a little more clay on me.”

Many in the group, including Mr. Johnson who agreed that God used more clay on him as well, were very pleased with Gwen’s response and let her know by smiling and shaking their head in agreement. Tim said, “You’re right. I never thought about it that way. We are all different and yet we all have things we are good at. We do need to talk to each other and judge each other by what is on the inside instead of how we look.” He then put out his hand and asked, “Friends?” “Friends,” said Gwen.
And everyone cheered, letting Gwen know that today was indeed going to be a good day.

Tell Tink and the Lost Boys hello for me. :-)
Wendy Darling


Princess LadyBug said...

One day some lucky publisher is going to be smart enough to publish this story. :)

WendyDarling said...

Thank you, Princess. I hope so. :-)

Queen B said...

That was good! Why haven't I seen it before?

WendyDarling said...

Not too many people have, Queen B. I am starting to let a lot more people read it, and I am trying again to have it published. Sending it to a publisher on Monday actually. I am really glad you like it. I wrote one for the dear nephews too, but I'll send that one privately. :-)