Sunday, June 04, 2006

Dear Peter,

I am sorry it has been so long since I have written. We have had a lot going on, and I have a lot of things that I could write to you about. I think I will just stick with the latest news though.

I have been reminded a lot about my childhood lately, and it makes me ask the question, "Why are we so hardheaded as children?" Why don't we listen to adults and heed their warnings? Why must we learn things the hard way?

My dear nephew got his first REALLY bad sunburn this weekend. He went to the lake and got too much sun. Before he left I went over everything that I had put into his suitcase, stressing the white t-shirt that I included for him to wear when he went swimming. I stressed that he should wear the water shoes we bought for him that morning, and that he should wear his sunscreen, and reapply it when he should. Well, he chose to wear the shoes. No shirt, no sunscreen, and he has been crying since yesterday. His back looks like a lobster, and he feels every bit of it.

This begged me to ask the question, "Why didn't you listen to me? I told you this would happen!" Well, this statement immediately brought back the memory of me in the 6th grade when I wore a sundress to the Little League football games. It was one Saturday, sitting through 4 games. My mother told me not to wear it, but I insisted. Then, as the day wore on she told me to get in the shade. I resisted. I paid the price with the worst sunburn in history.

I seriously feel for my dear nephew, because I remember the pain. The pain so bad you can't sleep, so you just cry until you literally pass out from exhaustion.

Dr. Dobson calls hardheaded children "strong willed". I believe that God gave that characteristic to certain people for a reason. One day they will need that will to either resist a strong temptation, or to have more courage and determination then they ever thought they would need. I praise God for strong willed people, most of the time. However, sometimes we just need to listen and heed the warnings of those who have been there.

Of course, most of us as adults could do the same thing. I guess we never outgrow the hard headedness we have as children. We just gain wisdom from all of our mistakes. At least, I hope we do.

Wendy Darling

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