Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dear Peter,

Sorry it has been a few days since I have written. :-) I thought that I would share with you the story I made up for the little girl that I babysit. It is very "rough". I made it up on the spur of the moment while trying to rock her to sleep. She loves it though. :-) I hope you enjoy it.

Princess Lacey and the Golden Waters

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Lacey. Lacey was a Princess. She had long, curly blonde hair, a pretty smile and beautiful blue eyes. Lacey lived in a big castle in a magic kingdom.

Lacey favorite thing to do everyday was to pick a huge bouquet of flowers from the meadow near the castle. Lacey would spend all day picking the flowers, because she wanted to give them to her mommy, the Queen. The only problem was the flowers would wilt and die before Lacey could give them to her mommy. This made Lacey very sad.

One day when Lacey was walking in the meadow, trying to figure out how she could keep the flowers pretty until she could get them to her mommy, she met a fairy and a leprechaun. The fairy and leprechaun asked Lacey, “Princess Lacey, why are you so sad?” Lacey said, “Each day I pick flowers for my mommy, but they wilt and are ugly by the time I get them home to her. I want to give my mommy a beautiful bouquet of flowers.”

The leprechaun told Princess Lacey, “You need to go to the land of the ‘Golden Waters’ beyond the rainbow. There you will find the most beautiful flowers, and they will last for many years.”

“How do I get there?” asked Princess Lacey.

“Wait until the next time there is a sun shower in the kingdom. Then, run outside and find the rainbow. Follow it to the end and you will be there.”

So, Princess Lacey waited for 3 days. Finally, a sun shower came to the kingdom. When it was over Princess Lacey ran outside, into the meadow, and looked up into the sky. There she saw the most beautiful rainbow she had ever seen. The fairy and the leprechaun were there. They said, “Follow us. We will take you to the end of the rainbow.”

Princess Lacey ran and ran. She followed the fairy and the leprechaun for what seemed like hours. Finally, she came to the end of the rainbow. It ended in the middle of a huge field, filled with many, many flowers. Princess Lacey saw the most beautiful flowers. They were such bright, beautiful colors. She had never seen flowers this beautiful.

“My mommy will love these flowers!” Said Princess Lacey.

Princess Lacey, the fairy and the leprechaun began to pick the biggest bouquet of flowers she had ever picked. When she was satisfied she put all of the flowers together, and tied the bouquet with the ribbon from her hair.

“Now,” said the leprechaun, “You must dip the flowers in the golden water.”

Princess Lacey looked at the pond that the leprechaun pointed to. She walked to the edge and looked inside. At the bottom of the pond were hundreds of gold coins. The sun shown on the water and made it looked like gold because of the many coins.

“That is why it is called the ‘Golden Waters’”, said Princess Lacey. “How wonderful!”

She dipped her bouquet into the water, and then began the long journey home. After she reached the castle she thanked her friends for helping her, and ran inside the castle.

“Mommy, Mommy come see what I have for you,” cried Princess Lacey.

The Queen came to see what Princess Lacey had brought for her. She was amazed at all of the bright, beautiful colors.

“I have never seen flowers like these. Thank you for such a wonderful gift,” said the Queen.

Princess Lacey and her Mommy put the flowers in a beautiful vase. The flowers stayed beautiful for many, many years, and brought great joy to all those who saw them.

The End.

Wendy Darling

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