Friday, November 16, 2007

Her first Thanksgiving program...

I don't remember if I told ya'll that "little Angel" started a private Christian preschool. She started about 6 weeks ago or so. She didn't like it at first, but seems to be settling in nicely.
Anyway, her mom told me that they were having a program and Thanksgiving dinner today, and they were inviting the families. She asked if I would like to go with her. Of course, I said, "Yes." :-)

She wanted to keep it a surprise, so she didn't tell "little Angel" that I would be attending. Last night "little Angel" said that she did not want to be in the program. She did not want to go to school. The only thing that would console her was her mom had to "spill the beans" about me coming. That did the trick, and she was very excited. ;-)

Ya'll, it has been awhile since I have been in that kind of setting. Let me tell you, the minute those kids walked on stage I think there must have been about 50 digital cameras going off, and a few video cameras rolling. (I, unfortunately forgot mine.) :-( Anyway, this was something I would have wanted to videotape. Not just because it was cute, or because "little Angel" did so well, but because I would want to enter it into America's Funniest Home Videos.

Ya'll, you just had to be there, but I'll do my best to describe it to you. First, the kids all range in age from 2 years to 5 years old. They walked them in, and they all were wearing little handmade feather hats on their heads. As soon as some of the children saw there parents they began waving frantically. Unfortunately about 3 of the kids started crying hysterically. This was obviously not going to be good for their parents. They didn't stop until the parents went and took them off of the stage, and sat on the front pew holding them.

One father thought he had talked his daughter into trying again, until he began to leave her on the stage. She ran off screaming, and didn't stop until she reached his pew. :-) Yeah, we giggled, because it wasn't us. ;-)

Then, "little Angel's" class came in. It just so happened that she was right in my line of vision once she reached her spot on stage. It took her a minute, but she finally noticed me. And then everyone in the sanctuary heard "HI AUNT WENDY!" as she waved frantically. I smiled and waved back, thanking God she remained in her spot. ;-)

Ya'll, they were so cute singing their little songs. One was "I'm a Little Scarecrow" sang to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot." There was also a song about a bee, and let me tell you, you haven't lived until you have heard a bunch of preschoolers sing a cute song about "squishing" a bee, because the bee stung them. And then the proudly sing about how they wipe said bee on their clothes. It's chart topper stuff, let me tell you. ;-)

Then, they told us that they asked each of the children (3 and up) how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey. They wrote down there answers on little turkeys and read them allowed to us. They had the child stand as his/hers were read, and then child would receive his/her turkey and could go sit with their parents. "Little Angel" was only one of about 3 that actually required cooking their turkey. I have learned some new things about cooking turkeys that I will not be trying, and I sure hope these kids get some kind of home ec. classes before they attempt to cook. I heard everything from stirring the turkey up in lemonade and then serve, to covering it in cornflakes and refrigerating it. LOL... :-) One kid even said, "My mom puts it in the shower, gives it a bath, and then she puts salt and pepper on it and we eat it." I don't think I'll be seeing this on the Food Network. :-) (Although there was that one guy that made fish ice cream, so you never know.....)

We then enjoyed a nice little buffet of Ham, Turkey and fixin's. I picked up a small bag of gingersnaps from the bake sale to give to "Little Angel" and she really enjoyed them. I was rewarded with lots of hugs and kisses. We do miss the little tyke. :-) We will be getting her at the end of November, and during her Christmas break. So, we look forward to that. :-)

Wendy Darling

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