Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just a few thoughts.....

It has been a few days since I have posted. Why? I really haven't had anything to write about.

I could write about standing in front of Wal Mart for 5 hours last Friday, collecting items for the needy elderly in the community. People were VERY generous, and I think "Little Mark" will reach the goal of 12 baskets to give away.

I could talk about the days I have spent at the gym, and the new "torture device" I am supposed to use for leg. But, I'd rather not.

I could talk about the basketball game Monday night. I took "Little Mark" to his first college basketball game on Monday night. He really enjoyed it, and our team did win, but not for fantastic playing. It was the first game of the season, and they have a lot of improvements to make. "Little Mark" liked that he was able to yell and not get into trouble. However, his only "chant" is "Go, Go, Go, Go". He learned very quickly about the banging of the feet when the opposing team is going for a free shot. Thanks to the current college students. He did ask if it was ok, and if it was something I did while in college. :-) He had fun. :-)

I could talk about the bake sale we are having this Friday and the MUCH baking I am doing this week to prepare. :-) So far I have made 4 dozen Gingersnaps, 4 mini loaves of Pumpkin bread, and 5 individual Spiced Bunt cakes. What's left? Brownies and a 3-layer coconut cake.

I could talk about the Singles Class Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow night. I will be making a homemade apple pie (deep dish) and Green Bean casserole. :-)

I could talk about my scrapbooking crop this Saturday, and I am bringing a 2-layer Pumpkin Pie and chocolate truffle (I still have to make those) :-)

I could talk about us beginning "A Christmas Carol" this week, and how long it took me to find free lesson plans for it on the Internet, but I got them. :-)

I could talk about the upcoming 4-H competitions Little Mark has, which we still need to finish preparing for.

I could talk about all of that, but that would probably really bore ya'll, so I'll spare you. ;-)

Wendy Darling

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