Friday, January 25, 2008


Oh Yes Ma'am, it is a post about chocolate! :-) Have you ever craved chocolate so much that you DREAMED ABOUT IT?! Hello, that is when you have to have some chocolate, or someone is going to get hurt. Seriously. Is that due to hormones? Yeah, let's blame the hormones. :-)

I actually went through a few years when I could not stand chocolate. I had a REALLY BAD sinus infection, and it effected my taste buds. All chocolate was just bitter. Except for white chocolate, which isn't really chocolate. Then, a couple of years ago, I could eat the milk chocolate. It was ok. Now, I can even eat dark chocolate, which is healthy for you. Seriously. It should be a food group. :-)

Anyway, I was craving chocolate the last few days, but not just any chocolate. I wanted BROWNIES. Rich, fudge brownies. Problem I did have any brownie mix, and I didn't want to make them from scratch. I did, however, have a Dark Chocolate Fudge cake mix. :-) I got on the Internet (wonderful resource for recipes) and found a simple recipe for making brownies from cake mix. Here is the recipe:

1 cake mix

1 egg

about 1/2 C water.

The dough will be thick. Spread in a 9X9 dish and bake 30 minutes at 350 degrees. I also just happened to have about 1/2 a jar of Smuckers Caramel ice cream topping in the fridge. So, I spread it on the batter before popping it into the oven. 30 minutes later I had this:

I am sorry that it isn't a very good picture. I will have to keep practicing taking pictures of food. But, let me assure you that it tastes wonderful! Oh, and that "white stuff" on top is not whipped cream. Oh, no Ma'am. That is Vanilla Cake frosting, because the caramel and chocolate just wasn't sweet enough to send me into a sugar coma. :-) What could have been better? Well, maybe if I had chocolate icing to top it off with, but let me assure you that my chocolate craving was satisfied, and I did not dream of chocolate last night. That is, once I crashed after my sugar high. :-) Enjoy y'all. :-)


Wendy Darling

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Joanna said...

Mercy! You made my mouth water!! Off to get chocolate.