Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm reduced to a list....

I had so much that I wanted to write about, but just couldn't decide on which topic. Then, as I got to thinking about it no one topic would be very long, so it's a list. :-)

1) My sister had surgery this morning. It made me very thankful that I have never had a hernia. I got up at 4:00 am to go to the hospital. Did you catch that? 4:00 AM. Yes, I am slightly sleepy, so please forgive any spelling errors, grammatical errors, punctuation..... OK, so those things are normal anyway, but now I have an excuse. :-)

2) Just so that my entire day was not wasted while sitting in the waiting room I took along some things to do. The first thing I did was my entire weeks Bible Study homework. I believe that I mentioned I am doing the new Beth Moore study, "Stepping Up." I didn't? Are you sure, because I have been telling everyone about this Bible Study. Anyway, it is so good, y'all. As I have said before, "I love me some Beth Moore" and this study is fantastic. It is on the Psalms of Ascension. God is so good, y'all. He has shown Himself from the very first lesson, and it only increases everyday. The lessons are such a reminder that He is always with us, and He is in control of everything. It is very comforting.

3) Along with the Bible Study I have taken a cue from Beth today, and I surrounded myself with praise music. Of course, I was wearing my headphones, so I was considerate of those around me. :-) It really was great though, because I found myself in constant prayer and praise. It seriously improves your attitude.

4) I also took along some yarn and decided to try to crotchet my soldier a scarf. I managed to get it 1/3 finished before my hand started cramping up. That was after I pulled out several rows, because I kept dropping stitches. I tell y'all I was a sight! I had on my headphones, crocheting and "bopping" to the praise music blaring in my ears. A few times I had to stop myself from dancing right out of chair. :-) Mandisa's "Shackles" does have that effect. I'm just sayin'.

5) I had a double "blessing" of Mandisa today. One, because all of her songs were the ones that almost made me dance out of my chair. (Let me say again, "I love me some Mandisa!") And, I am currently reading her book. I started it this morning, and I am half-way through the book. If you have not read her book, "Idoleyes: My New Perspective on Faith, Fat & Fame", then you need to stop reading right now and run to your nearest bookstore and pick up a copy. OR, you can check it out at your public library like I did. OR you can click on over to amazon.com and order a copy like I plan to do. I have a habit of highlighted in books, and I had to stop myself many times today from looking for a highlighter to do just that.

She is an amazing woman y'all, and as a fellow "plus-size" woman I can so relate to her. I LOVED her on American Idol, and I was one of the VERY MIFFED when she was voted off. I'll stop there before I get "riled up."

5) After we, finally, left the hospital Mom and I were about starved. I hadn't eaten anything but a bag of Gardettos from the vending machine for lunch. So, we ran through Sonic and picked up a really healthy snack. I had an order of cheese sticks and an order of cheddar peppers. Have y'all ever started to pray over something that you KNEW was not healthy for you? It's weird. I had a real honest talk with God when I prayed over the "meal." It went something like this: "Dear Lord, I want to say thank you for Jennifer's surgery going so well, and ask that you give us a safe trip home. Thank you for this food, because you know how hungry we are. I won't bother asking you to bless it to the nourishment of my body because, let's face it Lord, it is fried cheese and we both know there isn't much nutritious about fried cheese. Well, except the calcium, which I am sure gets lost in the oil when if fries. And the peppers are a vegetable. Or are they a fruit? The seeds are on the inside. I'll have to look that one up. Anyway, I really do thank you, Lord. In Jesus name, Amen."

Obviously, I was so hungry I was delirious, and lost the power to think clearly.

Wendy Darling


Princess LadyBug said...

Okay, your prayer had me rolling. That's pretty delirious. :P

I wanted to get something for my friend, Maria, before I leave and I think I'm buying her the Bible Study you're doing. :)

WendyDarling said...

She will LOVE it. :-) That is very sweet of you. :-)

Julie said...

You are so funny.

I'm doing Breaking Free with Miss Beth LIVE right now and loving it. One of the perks of living in Houston. She is one awesome lady.

WendyDarling said...

I would LOVE to see Beth Live sometime. You are very lucky to be in Houston, Julie. :-)

Terry said...

Don't forget to add in the part about your first day to play football...

WendyDarling said...

LOL... Oh yes, we mustn't forget the first day of football. :-)

Tara said...

I have the Mandisa book. I won it on Bloggy Giveaways last time. I'll pass it on to you if you want it, just for the cost of shipping. My email is tara kluth at juno dot com. :)