Tuesday, December 09, 2008

This may end up being a list...

I've been meaning to blog since last week. First, I ran out of time, then there were times I just didn't "feel like it." Then, of course, there is the dreaded "I have nothing to write about." So, this may actually turn into a boring list.

I apologize ahead of time. Truly, I do.

To start off I slept most of the day. Now, for those of you going "Man, wish I could..." don't. I had a massive sinus headache from "you know where" most of the day. For the first half of the day I survived on Excedrin for Sinus headaches, water and saltines. I hate it when you have a headache so bad you don't want to move, but your so nauseous you have to eat something. If it wasn't for the really bad sinus pressure I would have thought I was having a migraine.

I did get up and get dressed around 11:00 am. I thought that would make me feel better. It did a little. I then ate a sandwich and drank more water, which also helped. After that I took more aspirin and sat in the chair in the schoolroom with a cold rag over my eyes. I did nod on and off as "Little Mark" finished up his schoolwork. He worked fairly well, independently today. :-)

My original plan was to bake all day for the bake sale we are having on Friday. That didn't happen. I did get up around 4:00 pm. I felt much better, and I did make a batch of mini, red velvet cupcakes. That was all though. The rest will have to wait until tomorrow. ;-)

I, finally, managed to get "Little Mark's" Christmas picture taken, so tomorrow the last of the Christmas cards will go out. :-)

"Little Mark" has actually said some VERY humorous things lately that I have been meaning to blog about, but now I can't recall them enough to do so. Don't you hate it when that happens? ;-) He seems to have inherited his Uncle Cleggy's sense of humor. Which is probably a good thing. :-)

I do remember once when we were young we were listening to a Sunday School lesson about Lot and his wife. The teacher got to the part about Lot's wife turning to a pillar of salt, and said that even today that land is very salty. Cleggy responded, "Man, she must have been one big woman." LOL... :-) That's the kind of humor "Little Mark" is adapting. :-)

I've been meaning to post a picture of our Christmas tree this year. This is the first time we have ever had a white tree. I have to admit, it took some time to "grow on me." I'm a pretty traditional person, and to not look in that room and see a green tree took some getting used to. :-) But, I have to say, I really do like it. :-) What do you think?

I know it looks pink, but believe me, it is white. :-) The ornaments look really nice on there too. Especially this one:
Sorry, "T". We do have Little One's ornament still here. We'll bring it with us when we exchange gifts so he can put it on your tree. :-)

Our family did indeed get to go to Santa Land this year, albeit a week late. But, we made it. It was so exciting. There were new things, again, and we had the best time. I even attempted to use the video feature on my camera. I found out just how much video my card will hold.

About 20 minutes less than I need it too. :-)

However, the audio worked great as well. When I can figure out how to upload a video to this thing I'll be happy to share some of it with you. Unfortunately, my card filled up before I could get us all singing Christmas carols driving through the park together. It was really fun. ;-)

I am hoping we get to go back one more time, and this time I'll wait and video the second half. ;-) If nothing else, this weekend I'll get Cleggy to teach me how to take still photos from a video and I'll post those.

Well, I've bored you enough for one blog post. I will really try to do better this week about blogging. :-)

Wendy Darling

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