Thursday, February 07, 2008

The post that almost wasn't...

Each time I visit my blog I am painfully aware that it has been a few days since I have made an entry. I fully intended to blog each day, but "life" happens.

I have actually sat down in front of the computer several times today, and I have typed out the beginnings of blog entries. Then, I promptly deleted every bit of it, because it was drivel. DRIVEL! Let's face it, I have millions of people who read my blog everyday, and you are used to very high quality writing, and these posts were just not up to the high standards you expect. I refuse to give you anything less.

OK, let's be realistic. I have, maybe, 10 people who read my blog a day, and you already know I have very low standards, so I guess I will just trudge on. If you are kind enough to visit me then I should at least have something for you to read. :-)

I had a plethera of possible topics to talk about (nice 50 cent word for you there. See, there are those high standards) I was going to talk about how my nephew's District competition went, but after saying "They didn't place in the top 5" that would have pretty much ended there.

I was going to talk about our fun time in trying to rent a car this last week, but that would have been too boring.

I was going to talk about how my nephew is now taller than I am, and his voice is in the EARLY stages of beginning to change. It is funny when it "squeaks/cracks". It has only happened twice, but it's happening. Did I mention he is only 11?

I was going to talk about "stress eating", but why depress everyone with that.

I was also going to talk about "Writer's Block", because apparently I have that, since I am having trouble coming up with a blog topic.

HOWEVER, God intervened this evening. :-) This is actually going to be an EDUCATIONAL post. :-) It happened while watching the Food Network, and my brother making the comment "I just saw the homeschool teacher light go on..." Oh, yes Ma'am it did. :-) Let me tell you about it.

Tonight, I was watching the show "Unwrapped". It was all about gum. They were talking about this all natural gum called "GLEE Gum". I had never heard of it, but it sounded wonderful. It is all natural, made from the tree gum in the rainforest of Central America. Anyway, they also have a make your own gum kit! It's only $13, and it makes 50 pieces. Yes, my "homeschool light bulb" went off. What a NEAT Science project. :-) WOO HOO! I am excited. :-) If any of you are still with me, and you have chewed this gum, or used the kit, please comment and let me know your opinion on it. :-) They also have a make your own chocolate, and make your own gummie candy kits.

Then, in the same episode they talked about "Quench" gum. Athletes use it to help stop "cotton mouth". My immediate thought went to my dear soldier. I found out, after sending him a WHOLE BUNCH of bubble gum, that they don't chew it a lot because it makes them thirsty. This would be great for the soldiers! :-) It is expensive, so I will probably have to split a jar of it with someone, but what a wonderful idea!!

I feel a whole days Science/Social Studies lesson coming on just from the GLEE gum. A lesson on the Rainforest, the different animals there, the weather patterns, the people... the science of how gum is made, the hands on lesson making it ourselves... Do you think a field trip to the rainforest would be overdoing it? :-)

Wendy Darling

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Terry said...

plethora--- Big College word. I understand I have been wrestling with my last post too. Then finally threw caution to the wind and busted it out. I guess it's a good thing considering in a few short moments the great Texas crawfish massacre will commence, "film" at 5.