Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Tribute...

I decided to do a tribute to one of my favorite things today. :-) For MANY years (more than I care to count) I have LOVED the "Family Circus" cartoon. It is one of the only comics that I still read each day, and it is the first one that I read.

Sometimes they are very humorous, sometimes they make you think and sometimes they are just very touching. Yes, I have actually shed a tear or two just from the picture and one line caption of a "Family Circus" cartoon. :-)

Bil Keane and his wonderful family (Thel, Billy, Dolly, Jeffy and PJ) are like part of our family. I can remember going to the public library and checking out EVERY "Family Circus" book that they had, and reading all of them in a days time. Some of them still make me laugh remembering them. Like the one of "Mom" chasing a naked PJ around the house while Billy asks why she doesn't go jogging with Daddy to get her exercise. :-) I especially the ones like this one:

Just hits home doesn't it? :-)

I love Bil Keane's style of cartoon art as well as his sense of humor. His depictions are definitely of everyday people living everyday life. And, why shouldn't it, since it is based on his on family? :-) I recently discovered his earlier work such as "Silly Philly" and "Channel Chuckles."

I even remember the sweet holiday cartoons that used to come on television. I liked them just as much as the Peanuts holiday cartoons. ;-) I have tried so hard to find a video clip to include here for you, but I am afraid there is none be found. :-(

Perhaps Mr. Keane will read this and see fit to put together a DVD set that we can purchase. :-)


Wendy Darling

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