Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Movie review/answers to your questions...

OK, it is late on Tuesday, but it IS still Tuesday. So, I am not late. :-)

First, let me tell you that the movie "Nim's Island", it is good. Not major "YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS FILM" good, but it is good. It held the nephews attention very well, and at some parts he was really into it, and he forgot we were in the theater. He laughed a little too loud at times, and said, "UH OH" real loud a couple of times, but he watched intently. To me, that means he enjoyed the show. :-)

Now, for the answers. Obviously from the major response I received I can tell that I must be very popular in the "blog world." :-) I mean, one more question and I don't think my server could have taken it. ;-)

Oh, I kid. :-) I am very grateful for Terry and Julie who did respond with questions, and now I will end the suspense and answer them with the high intellect that you have come to expect. Or not.

Terry asked: "Do you think the new role of "etc." will be a gorgeous success or one of the great train wrecks of our time?"

To be honest, I know I over use "etc." a lot. Let's face it, I make up my own grammar/punctuation rules. Don't believe me? Just look at all of the run on sentences. :-)
Actually, I kind of go along with BooMama on this one. I use it because I have nothing else to say, but I don't want you to know that. After all, if I was out of words/thoughts I wouldn't sound like the intellectual that I am. ;-)
So, short answer, it will eventually become a "train wreck".

Julie asked: "I was wondering if you ever made it to Houston last fall and how your trip was.I also would like an update on your diet. I started reading when you were going great guns. It was very inspiring. I haven't heard anything about it in awhile."

First, sadly no. I did not make it to Houston. ;-( I am STILL trying to get there. As a matter of fact, my friend, A, called me on Wednesday to see when I was going to be able to come down. I'm working on it my friend... We even discussed she and her children coming here for a day trip during the summer. :-) Yes, I got excited!! But, I still want to go to Houston.

Secondly, regarding the diet; it isn't going so well. I did so well in the beginning, then during the holidays we had a family "thing" going on and I began stress eating. I have stopped "stress eating", but I haven't really gotten back on my diet as adamant as I was in the beginning. I am still going to the gym, but I can tell that I have gained some weight back. How much? I have no idea. I haven't had the courage to go weigh. But, I still fit into my jeans, so that is promising. So, the reason you haven't read anything about it, is because I have been too ashamed to write anything. Seriously, I could use your prayers on that.

It seems like it is much harder to go back to phase 1 then it was to begin phase the first time around. Does that make sense? I'm not sure why. Maybe because now I know what to expect. Maybe because I am afraid to fail. I don't know. I KNOW I need to go back to it.

I remember how much better I felt when I was doing it. I am determined to do it again. Now, I just need to go shopping so I have the right food to eat for it. :-) Thank you for asking me about it, Julie. Just writing about it is making me feel better about starting again. :-) I am serious about needing your prayers though. :-)

Wendy Darling

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Julie said...

Will do. Glad to be of help. Get back to it, girl. You are worth it!