Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Very Inspirational!! :-)

I haven't posted very much, because I am working on a post for next week. DeeDee is going to have a "testimony carnival", and I feel led to participate. You have no idea how much the thought of this scares me. I have been working on it since last weekend, and I can promise you I will still not feel satisfied the day I post it. It is the most dificult thing I ever written. Ever...

Anyway, I did want to share this fantastic lady with you. :-)

I know Patti Foster personally. I used to attend church with her and her family. I have heard her sing many times, and she is still awesome! She is such a wonderful speaker, and a wonderful person. She was at a local book night where several authors got together and you could meet them. My sister was nice enough to pick up a copy of the book "Amazing Faith" for me, which Patti signed. :-) Her story, which is just one of many in the book, is so inspiring.

Please, visit her website. You may be blessed to hear her speak one day. :-) Here is what the bio on her site says:

" Patti Foster’s life is a testament to the intense love she feels for others. Her joy and laughter refreshes those around her, and she welcomes opportunities to influence lives and make a difference.Originally from Jacksonville, Texas, Patti comes from a supportive family who encouraged her to take risks, to try hard and learn from mistakes.

As a college student majoring in music education, Patti traveled with a fine arts team to Australia, toured with the university choir to the British Isles and spent a week in the heart of Mexico with a mission group. Performances with the Fort Worth Chamber Orchestra and the Sam Houston State University Orchestra further broadened her scope of music and expression. She graduated from Sam Houston State University ( Huntsville, Texas) in 1989, and shortly after, traveled abroad to Eastern Europe providing music for crusades and teaching conversational English through music. Since 1990, Patti’s focus has been radio. She was the morning show host at WFRN, an inspirational Christian radio station in South Bend/Elkhart, Indiana. Before that, she fulfilled a variety of positions for KVNE, a non-commercial Christian music station in Tyler, Texas. Patti’s radio career provided opportunities that led her into becoming a full-time speaker. She traveled nation-wide speaking to church and corporate organizations of all sizes. On June 18, 2002, Patti was severely injured in a horrific traffic accident. She suffered severe head trauma and was in a coma for six weeks. Her life hung in the balance. She has had to learn to live again.

And now, as her restoration process continues, Patti’s desire is still to inspire, encourage and motivate so many through her speaking.Patti Foster in one word? Passionate. Whether on the tennis court or on the fairway, in a crowd or at home with family, on stage or on the air—she gives all that she has to whatever she pursues.


Wendy Darling

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