Thursday, May 29, 2008

BEE Update...

Well, today has been a day, let me tell you. Last night we thought the bees had all flown away. We thought they had found their new home, and had gone to build their little bee kingdom, perhaps in a hollow tree. But, that was not to be; or "bee" if you will. :-) (See, even in times like these I still try to have a sense of humor)

Anyway, yesterday we called a man that was recommended to us. I will refer to him as "the bee keeper." He came over today, and I said, " We think they have flown away, but man you should have seen the pictures we took!" He said, "I would love to see the pictures. May I?" So, I invited him in and took him out back to show him where the bees "were".

OH MY GOODNESS, y'all. The bees are not gone, they just moved under the roof of our house. :-( The "guards" were busy flying around the hole in the roof, which is apparently their new doorway. Turns out that we were not their "stop off point between homes", but their destination. :-(

The "Bee Keeper" then showed me pictures he had of other homes who have suffered the same fate. NOT PRETTY! Let me just say that the photos I posted yesterday are NOTHING compared to what I saw in his photos. Based on the photos I showed him he estimates we have between 20, 000- 30, 000 bees.

So, I asked, "Can you remove them, and how much will you charge?" His reply, "Yes, and about $100." SOLD. We want the bees gone.

At his encouragement I did research bee removal in the area to see how much other people charge, and believe me when I tell you that we are getting a HUGE deal. Mostly because the others would have to come from a far distance and the gas alone would come to more than $100, so we are not complaining. We just want the bees GONE.

Wendy Darling


Julie said...

I don't suppose your bee keeper offered any advice on how to avoid this situation. I don't want to be in the same boat.

WendyDarling said...

Yes, he did, Julie. :-) He said to take a caulking gun and go around every inch of your house. Anything over 1/4 inch big put caulk in it. Even do it in the morter cracks if you have a brick home. That way they don't have a hole to go into. :-)

As soon as he gets rid of these that is exactly what we are going to do. Also, check the screen on the vents of your attic. If there is a tear, seal it with another piece of screen, and "glue" them together using that "puff stuff" that you seal holes with.

Principal said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I also wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your blog, and I especially like your verse of the day.

Terry said...

Ahem... see previous post comments.

Bees, hiding places, aren't you glad you called someone?

Anonymous said...

Well that is very good!