Sunday, May 04, 2008

Clearly, we need to train him better...

So, "Little Mark" and I went to church this morning. The following is a list of highlights while we were there...

1. Little Mark - "I'm still hungry. Let's skip services and go home."
Me- "You are not going home just so you can get on the computer."
Little Mark- (SIGH) Let's go to church.

2. Upon seeing the guest singer get up to the microphone...
Little Mark - (a little too loudly) "Is that S, our Youth Pastor?"
Me - No. Now be quiet.
Little Mark - "It sure looks like him. Are you sure?"
Me- "Yes! He's a guest singer. Now be quiet. I'm trying to listen."

3. Little Mark then proceeds to keep looking closely at me to see if I am going to cry during the song. Yes, I did.

4. Upon hearing the pastor say, "We will be observing the Lord's Supper this morning and if you are visiting us, and you know the Lord Jesus as your Saviour, we would love for you to partake with us.... we don't care want denomination you are..."
Little Mark: "I'm half Presbyterian."
Me: - "SHH.."
Little Mark- "I am! I'm part Presbyterian on my Mama's side."
Me- (trying to stifle a laugh) "SHHHHHHHH!"

5. During the Lord's Supper..
Little Mark- "Why do we have to wait to eat the bread? We don't have to wait at Mama's church. They just put it in your mouth and you eat it."
After eating the bread...
"This bread is stale. It needs yeast."
Me- "UGH!" "SHHHH" thinking "note to self. Go over the symbolism of the Lord's Supper with him AGAIN."

6. Little Mark- "Why do we have to be so quiet while they pass everything out?" Why is that person crying?"
Me- "If you do not stop talking right now I will ground you for eternity."

7. Upon receiving the juice....
Little Mark - (Again, a little too loudly) "We get real wine at Mama's church."

Clearly, I have failed him...

Wendy Darling


Princess LadyBug said...

No honey, you haven't failed him. Or Him. Little One is just a curious and talkative pre-teen. Enjoy it while you can. The teenage years are fast approaching.

Terry said...

Ok, from having gone to "Mama's" church here are a few things to help you out....

#4 that would be Anglican (not Presbyterian, in fact with the Presbyterians I wouldn't even know where to start to explain) or if you choose "Reformed English Catholic"

#5 Discuss the importance of un leven bread. The Last Supper was during the Jewish season of Passover. #5b. Our church has 1 Saturday and 5 Sunday churches with an enrollment of +5000. When you are doing Communion for a third of a town, you tend to move things along people.

#6 Yes, explain the significance of the Lord's Supper (Communion, Eucharist, the like).

#7 Refer above to #4

Again, you have not failed him, yet be appreciative that at this age he is realizing the difference in the denominations within the Church. It is his age and now nature of that age to be not only inquisitive, but also able to reason in the differences- wether or not the timing of the discussion is appropriate. This may be a good opportunity to work a little Church history in starting at the beginning to the First Schism, the Second Schism and the Reformation. Well at least for what it's worth. Munchkin and I got to get our Hockey on.