Friday, September 19, 2008

Back to our regularly scheduled program...

It's been a nice break, but I'm ready to get back to our normal routines. :-) I haven't posted in exactly one week, and as you can see I missed the Recipe Swap today. I'll post one next week though. I'm already looking for it. :-)

"Little Mark" went to stay in Dallas when Gustav was supposed to come this way. We got a little rain, but that was about it. Then, just before it was time to go and bring him home Hurricane Ike decided to make an appearance. And what an appearance he made!!

We got quite a bit of wind and rain here. We actually only lost a lot of branches and such, and 2 wooden post off our fence, but nothing major. We did lose power, but only for a few hours. Just a few blocks away people had trees uprooted, and tossed on their houses. Some people were without power for 3-4 days. So, we are not complaining at all. We realize how blessed we were. I actually do have pictures, but I will have to post them another time.

So, "Little Mark" and the younger nephew will be coming home tomorrow. School will resume as normal on Monday, and 4-H will be back in full swing as well. ;-)

Then, we leave for VACATION!!! :-) OK, so we are only going to Dallas, but it is still vacation. ;-) We have lots of things planned; the "King Tut" exhibit among them. :-) I am very excited. :-)

I am EXTREMELY excited, because on Saturday I will be attending FlyFest, and I will get to meet FlyLady, Marla, in person as well as Eric Dodge! :-) I'm so excited I could just scream. ;-) But, the rest of the family is in bed, so that would be very wise to do right now. ;-)

I have had a nice "break", but I got very little accomplished. I did get everything "up and running" for 4-H, and lesson plans are made for the next week or so, and vacation plans are made. I did rest, as well as fight allergies for several days. It's funny, but it seems that I get more done when I am super busy than when I have LOTS of "free" time. ;-) I guess it is the adrenaline rush. :-)

I am excited about next week, because the nephews and I are going to make our own chewing gum. Has anyone used the chewing gum kit? I can't wait to try it. It really looks like it will be fun, and neat learning experience. :-)

Wendy Darling


Kwizgiver said...

Vacations are nice. :-)

Take lots of pictures.

Especially of the chewing gum experiment.

Julie said...

We have never made gum. Let me know how it goes. My son would love that.

Glad you weathered the storm. We did pretty well, too. I have some pictures posted. Go have a look.

Have fun on your vacation. We are leaving on Wednesday for 5 days. I couldn't be more excited. Houston is still pretty much a disaster area. It's very stressful just being here. But everyday it comes back a little more.

Princess LadyBug said...

And here I thought you were this excited just because you were going to see me the same day. :P I'm excited too and found out I definitely will not have to work. Are you guys going to go to the State Fair while you're here?

WendyDarling said...

Sorry to say we won't make the state fair. :-( Maybe next year.