Friday, January 30, 2009

Grocery Cart Recipe Swap.

It's Friday, and that means another recipe. ;-) This one has been on my mind lately. I guess because I love it, but haven't made it in awhile. I learned about it when I was a girl from a friend of mine. I don't even know the real name for it, so I just call it "skillet chicken", and it is GOOD. ;-) I'm doing this from memory, so I hope I remember it right. ;-)

For more great recipes head over to the Grocery Cart Challenge and visit the links. If you would like to participate just follow the directions there. Enjoy! :-)

Skillet Chicken - for one serving

1 skinless, boneless chicken breast
about 1 T flour
ground ginger
season salt
rosemary or parsley
1 T butter (I guess you could use EVOO if you want, but HELLO, BUTTER.) :-)

Heat your skillet to medium heat. Wrap your chicken breast in plastic wrap and pound it pretty thin. About 1/2 an inch. Lightly flour each side of the chicken. I don't really measure my seasonings and spices for this, I just sprinkle it on to taste. Melt the butter in the pan, lay seasoned side down and season the other side. Cook each side until brown and cooked through. This won't take long if you pounded it rather thin, so don't overcook it. Serve with a salad.


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