Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's a list...

I have to apologize. I have been meaning to blog for a couple of days now. Truly, I had all kinds of plans, I had the post thought out in my head, and everything. But, LIFE happened, and I just didn't do it.

I sat down at the computer several times to blog, and then I just couldn't get it all down, or I was too tired and changed my mind.... you know how it is.

SO, given all of that I have decided to just give you a list of what I would have blogged about this week. :-)

1. "Little Mark" competed in the county 4-H food show. He competed in 3 categories and came home with 3 blue ribbons. :-) He was excited, and he did very well. Really. The only constructive criticism that the judges had for him was to "relax." ;-) He goes to District in February, and he is looking forward to it.

What did he make you ask? He made these Oatmeal Bars, and these Multi-Grain chips. :-) He also did a place setting.

2. I know I have mentioned it in awhile, but "Little Mark" and I have been going back to the gym 3 days a week. I have been watching my eating, again, even though I have not done the diet I was on. For some reason I just can't seem to do those first 9 days again for phase 1. HOWEVER, I am eating much more fruit and yogurt. I am drinking a lot more water, and watching my portion control. WE EVEN BOUGHT A SCALE! :-) Results? This week I have lost a whopping 1.3 lbs.

OK, so it isn't the huge 15 lbs. I lost the first week last time, but it is a loss! :-)

3. I am almost finished with the Bible Study "Believing God" by Beth Moore. If you have not done this Bible Study may I urge you to RUN to your nearest Christian Bookstore and purchase it. It is amazing. ;-)

4. We begin the Beth Moore Bible Study on "Esther" this Sunday evening at church. I am leading it. ;-) I can't believe I am doing it. The leader of the Ladies Ministry asked me if I would do it, and after a few days of prayer I agreed. Pray for me, please. ;-)

5. A friend loaned me some DVDs to the Moody Science Institute. Y'all, I have fallen in love with the DVDs. I want to own a set! Dr. Irwin Moon did the "films" more than 50 years ago, but they are still relevant today. The way they are put together, the scenery... everything about them is amazing, and glorifies God as our Creator. I have had so much fun watching them with "Little Mark."

That concludes the list. Perhaps I'll be back tomorrow with a recipe. ;-)

Wendy Darling

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Julie said...

You will LOVE Esther. I got to be there when she was trying it out on us Tuesday night girls. It is really a good study doing what she does best: people.

No apologies necessary. I'm lucky if I have time to read blogs much less post these days.