Wednesday, February 04, 2009

We are "bracing" ourselves... ;-)

Please, forgive my feeble attempt at a pun. ;-) I have not forgotten about the post for yesterday, it is just taking longer to write than I first planned. It is in the works...

Please, also forgive this "ramble" of a post. I can assure you that there is not much substance here, no earth shattering changes or epiphanies; just my "this is what's happening in my world" type thing. ;-)

"Little Mark" has his first orthodontist appointment today. We have our consultation and preliminary visit to decide if he needs braces. Based on what the dentist said when he recommended we get the Orthodontist, I'm betting he needs them.

I never had braces, so I have not been able to answer the MANY questions "Little Mark" has been asking. The #1 question being "Will it hurt?" is especially difficult to answer. SO, "Little Mark" took it upon himself to do some research. He now knows a lot about what the braces do, how they will help him, how they are put on, etc. I was glad to see him show that much initiative.

In other news, I have been busy preparing for our college homecoming. It is this weekend, and we are expecting a couple hundred people. I am in charge of refreshments, again; and I am making a cake, again, this year. ;-) I am very excited to see everyone, but also sad that I cannot accompany "Little Mark" to the district food show this year. It's Saturday, the SAME DAY as homecoming.

The last couple of years I have skipped homecoming to attend the food show, but this year I actually have to participate in the meeting, so Cleggy and Aunt J will be attending the food show. However, my phone will be on and I expect a phone call to let me know how things go. ;-)

So, what's going on your world?

Wendy Darling


Julie said...

I had braces. Worst case of buck teeth this side of the Mason Dixon Line. They don't hurt hurt. It's more like a soreness. He'll be fine. He may have to eat softer othe first day or two when they are tightened, but he'll get used to it. My son has a cross-bite. He definitely needs braces. We were hoping to wait until we move, so we could get an orthodontist near where ever we end up.

As for my world, I'm just playing catch up.

Terry said...

I'm looking at leaving my job... yeah that's about it.