Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yeah, it's a "hodge podge" of a post...

I really have had a lot of things I've meant to post. I could make a list, seriously. Then, there are the things I would make comments about, but it's not worthy of an entire post. So, we'll just call this one a "hodge podge"; sit back and enjoy the ride. ;-)

1. It is amazing how much a person can get done when they are extremely busy and overwhelmed, but when one has the time to "get caught up" very little gets done. "Little Mark" has been visiting in Dallas for almost 2 weeks. On any normal day I can teach, make lesson plans, work on 4-H stuff, church stuff, personal stuff.... the list goes on. However, since he has been gone I haven't been motivated to do too much. I have a list of things I have wanted to accomplish, and I have done some, but not everything I wanted. Why is that?

2. This last Sunday I taught a Sunday School lesson for the first time in YEARS . It was the first time I have ever taught my peers, much less a co-ed class. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I worked on it for a couple of days, and then felt the need to change everything late Saturday night. I stayed up until 2:00 am and rewrote the entire thing. God did a great work, and even convicted me AS I WAS TEACHING. Don't you hate it when that happens? ;-)

3. I have a lot I could say about the state of our country, economy, etc., but I'm not going to turn this into a political blog, so let's just say I am praying A LOT!

4. Speaking of praying, our church started a prayer room at church. It is open for the entire community to call in prayer requests. I am in the room 1 hour every week. I have been so blessed by this ministry that I cannot even describe it to you. ;-) God is good.

5. I am LOVING the Bible Study on Esther by Beth Moore. It's definitely NOT the story you learn in Sunday school as a child. I have had a real blessing being the facilitator on this one. I hope I can do it again, sometime.

6. I have really enjoyed catching up with old friends and family on facebook. I am still addicted, and someone might need to start a 12 step program for this. I heard on Fox and Friends this morning that people are even giving up facebook and myspace for Lent.

7. I made this cake today, and it is PHENOMENAL!!

8. VBS is only a little over 4 months away. I am helping to get it organized this year, rather than teaching. We are doing this one. Should be fun. :-)

9. "Little Mark" has been doing a wonderful job in 4-H and has even made it to the district level in the fashion show. :-)

10. I have decided that I would REALLY love to take a photography class, and perhaps turn it into more than a hobby. After all, once "Little Mark" graduates High School I'll need to get a "real" job. ;-)

I think I have bored you enough. Tomorrow is GCC recipe swap, so I need to find a recipe for that. Stop back by tomorrow. ;-)

Wendy Darling


~kay said...

I have a favor to ask of you. As you are praying, please put me and my husband on your prayer list. He lost his job November 14th. So far--nothing! It is very frustrating to say the least.
We also found out in December that his mom has lung cancer.
I am working two jobs and while I am THANKFUL TO GOD EVERY DAY that I employed---let's just say--I am sooo tired.
Thanks so much for helping me to pray about this.
I love the bond that JBC has provided people--knowing that there are Christian friends around the world!

Julie said...

My word, you have been busy. Seems like you are making good use of your time though. Keep up the good work.

WendyDarling said...


I will be praying.

WendyDarling said...

Thank you, Julie :-)

Terry said...

I can understand totally. When it seems like I have a lot of time all I want to do is ride the couch. When it seems like I have no time at all I am more focused because I realize I have no time and I thus I have a tendency to get more things done. I would like to say that I have the "answer" and this is what I do, but that wouldn't be true now would it. So, I guess just sit back and realize that there is balance to everything and maybe this was what you needed.


If you haven't tried Lent, maybe think about it, you will find the blessings in the season.