Thursday, October 25, 2007

And it all started with this....

My mom might be a little offended by this post, but it is not meant to be offensive. Honest. :-)
Laslo has blessed my brother with an Ipod. So, some switching around of technology has taken place in our home, and now my mom has an Ipod. Yesterday morning I saw Mom putting headphones on her ears and listening to her Ipod. My Mom. Ipod. It just struck me....

I have no idea why, but I began thinking. Just about 40 years ago my mom was probably walking around listening to a transistor radio, and thinking this is the coolest thing ever! A radio that I can hold and walk around with. And, it even had a little "ear plug" that she could put in one ear to listen to. :-) Of course, they pretty much only got AM radio, so they were stuck with whatever the local stations were playing, but they were happy!!

Then, they came out with cool tape recorders. I had one sort of like this,

but mine was silver, I think. It might have been black. I'm not sure. I'm sure Queen B will correct me, because she got one exactly like it that Christmas as well. :-) I remember it took 4 "D" batteries, and we would hold it up to the record player speaker, the radio, or the TV to record. After about a minute it got heavy, and our hands would move down away from the speaker. We could hear a difference in the volume later when we listened to it. :-) Also, if anyone made ANY sound during recording the whole thing was ruined. I remember the tape I got in my stocking was Frankie Valley and the 4 Seasons. :-)
Now, my Mom is walking around with a very nice set of headphones, with a SMALL player in her pocket, they ways NOTHING, and she has close to 100 songs, and old radio shows on it that she downloaded off of the Internet, and she still has room to add more! :-)
Man, technology sure has come a long way. :-) I wonder what it will all be like in 10 years down the road....

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Princess LadyBug said...

I am so glad she is enjoying the MP3 player. It's just been sitting around here since I got my iPod Shuffle for my birthday.

Technology can be a wonderful thing. I know my Mommy is pretty glad of it every day since it allows her to keep in touch with me & my brother now that she's nearly 2000 miles away.

Tell you Mom I said to keep on rocking! :P