Thursday, December 20, 2007

God speaks to us in the weirdest places....

The last few weeks I have had an opportunity to have God speak to me. The last few weeks have been kind of stressful, and I began to wonder how God was going to use the situations for the good.

The first opportunity came about 2 weeks ago when I was in the Christian Bookstore. This particular store has a room in the back that is like an ongoing clearance areas. We always check it. I was in this room alone, and looking at the books. One title caught my attention "Facing Your Giants: A David & Goliath Story for Everyday People" by Max Lucado. I thought, "OK, God. How do you plan to help us fight this one."

I then heard a voice in my heart and head began to speak to me. The first thing it said was "STOP! Be still and listen to me." I immediately stopped and closed my eyes. Then I "felt" all of the following as if God was speaking to me. He said, "Be still and know that I am God. He then asked, 'Am I bigger than this problem?" I responded, "Yes, you are." (I'm thinking this mind you, not speaking out loud. Even in a Christian Bookstore someone might think you are crazy if you talk out loud like that.)

He then said, "Do you believe that I am in control of everything?" I said, "Yes, you are." He then asked "Then what makes you think that I don't have a plan now? Just trust me." I said, "OK, Lord." And I did. I felt so much better. Just like if God had given me a big hug.

Then, today I finally made it back to the gym. (Hallelujah!!) God spoke to me while I was in the pool. I was "beating myself up" for not having gone in the last couple of weeks, and for stress eating. I then felt God talk to me again. He said, "Who's child are you?" I thought, "I'm your child." He asked, "Have I chastised you? Do you expect to beat yourself up everyday for the past? Take today only. Deal with today. Start fresh, and remember your goals and thoughts when you started this journey to health. You are not going to lose it all overnight, and getting upset about the past isn't going to help. You are here, now. This is the first step. Trust me and stay with it." Again, I felt the hug.

I actually had a really good work out, and did not overdo it. I will be back tomorrow.

I am so glad that God doesn't wait to talk to us at "opportune times", because if it was up to us we would never make the time. He gets our attention any way He can, and if we stop long enough to listen He will speak to us. I have had many times when I did not stop, and I have paid for it. So, when we hear that voice say, "Stop and be still" we need to remember that it can happen anywhere, at anytime. If we listen, we will be blessed....

Wendy Darling


Queen B said...

So true. Just remember, GOD doesn't say no. He says not now!!

WendyDarling said...

That's true, Queen B. :-)