Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

It is so hard to believe that today is the last day of 2007! It's true what they say, "The older you get the faster time goes by." We are planning to have a small family party, and the boys will be staying up until midnight. "WHAT ARE WE THINKING?!" :-)

This year I have had a lot of wonderful blessings. :-) I reconnected with my cousin (and new friend) Sarah, who I WILL be meeting one day. ;-) I changed churches and am loving it. They have such a great Singles Department. I have made a lot of new friends, as well as strengthened relationships with the old ones. I adopted a soldier, and I have heard from him. ;-) I lost weight, and joined a gym. I learned that I LOVE to exercise. :-) I am going to lose more and be even healthier this time next year. We have actually had cold days in the winter this year. ;-) I have had so many blessings I can't even list them all.

My prayer for this next year is that I continue to improve my health, that I improve my relationship with God, that I constantly stay in a Bible Study, that I always have great relationships with my family and friends, that I get out of debt, and that God will use me to help others, and that I am able to be a, effective leader/teacher. :-) They are not really "resolutions", because I don't like making resolutions. These are more like life goals for the next year. :-)

How about you? Do you have any life goals for 2008? What were your blessings in 2007? If you blog about it be sure to let me know in my comments so I can share your joy and encourage you. God bless you all. ;-)

Wendy Darling

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MyBestInvest said...

2007 turned out to be a great year at our house. Full of blessings and surprises and plenty of challenges.

I've got a feeling that 08 will be a great one for us. I hope it is for you, too!