Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's "Works for me Wednesday...only it's Saturday...."

This would be a fantastic "Works for Me Wednesday" post, except that it's Saturday; and I don't participate in "Works for Me Wednesday." (How is that for a run on sentence?!) I do however read them. ;-) So, if you read this one, and participate in "Works for Me Wednesday" feel free to use it. :-)

OK, now that I've said all that I guess I should actually post about it.

Have you heard of "Angel Food Ministries"? It is awesome, ya'll. Each month there is a different menu, and you buy a whole box for $26. The food inside should last a single person about a month of meals. Seriously. Where else can you eat for one month on $26.

Our church is the local distribution place in our town. I was actually able to go and help today. It is all done by volunteers, and man it was fun. It's done in "assembly line" fashion, and everyone comes through and picks up their food. We did 200 this morning in a little over 2 hours. That was delivery, assembly, and handing it out.

So, my tip is go to the website, and find a distributor near you. Print out the menu and save on your grocery bill. The food really is good quality. :-) And you get A LOT of food in the basic box. For example, this is what I got this morning:

5 oz.
Rib-Eye Steaks
2 lb.
Family Lasagna Dinner
2 lb.
Split Chicken Breast (2 Pieces)
1 lb.
Honey Roasted Pork Sausage
1 lb.
Fully Cooked Chicken Breast Fajitas
1 lb.
Fully Cooked Meatballs
1 lb.
All Meat Jumbo Hot Dogs
3 lb.
Fresh Apples
8 oz.
Biscuit Mix
1 lb.
3-Way Veggie Mix
1 lb.
Cut Corn
1 lb.
Sliced Carrots
14 oz.
Chicken Broth
24 oz.
Home-style Hash Brown
6.5 oz.
Cheeseburger Dinner
10 ct.
Home-style Waffles
Dessert Item
OH, be advised that beginning in January the price will go to $31 a box. Check it out. :-)


Wendy Darling

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Gayle said...

What a great idea. I'll check it out!