Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"The boy knows what he likes..."

When we were running errands this afternoon "Little Mark" had his Ipod plugged in and we were enjoying the music. His uncle has placed some different appropriate music on there, some that we enjoyed growing up. :-) (You know, so he will know that there is other music besides Hannah Montana and such.)

One of these "gems" is titled "The Thing." Do you remember this song? Here is what Wikepedia has to say about it: "The lyrics take the form of a first-person narration, describing the discovery on a beach of a box with an unknown contents. Whatever is in the box is never revealed, nor is it called "The Thing" in the lyrics. When the lyrics call for The Thing to be named, the vocals simply pause for three percussive beats. For example, the first verse ends, "I discovered a [three-beat pause], right before my eyes!" (The listener could "substitute" any three-syllable phrase his imagination might invent, such as "dog-gone thing".)

Initially, the narrator is overjoyed by his discovery and immediately goes to sell it. He is thrown out by a shopkeeper, who threatens to call the police. The narrator takes The Thing home but is thrown out by his wife as well. He attempts to give The Thing to a hobo, who runs away from it. As the years pass, the narrator fails to get rid of The Thing. He dies and arrives in Heaven with The Thing, but Saint Peter tells him to take it "down below" to Hell. In the final verse, the narrator warns the listener not to open boxes on the beach like he did."

About half way through the second verse "Little Mark" questions (rather irritated) "What is IT?" I reply, "Listen to the song. It's a fun song." He listens, and then replies, with a complete straight face, "That. Is . The . Stupidest. Song . EVER. Written." I explained the song to him and said, "It isn't stupid, it's silly. You have to use your imagine as to what is in the box. It's a silly song." (Figuring he would understand, because he knows EVERY "silly song" from VeggieTales ever written.) Nope. He replied very seriously, "Silly is not stupid. This song is stupid."

I guess we will have to agree to disagree. :-)


Wendy Darling

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