Thursday, March 13, 2008

Math Doesn't Suck....

I have to say it... I really like Math.

There. I said it. It's out there.

When I was in 6th grade I enjoyed Math. I tested at a 9th grade Math level. Once in the 9th grade I entered my own personal hell known as Pre-Algebra. I have no idea what happened. I couldn't get past the concept of putting numbers with letters. Then, they started throwing out words and phrases like "formula" and "algebraic equations." The fact that I was shy/self-conscious did not help matters at all, because I would not ask questions. Everyone else seemed to get it so easily, so obviously the problem was with me.

OH, and don't even get me started on how long it took to do ONE problem, and how much paper that one problem used. My teacher made us show EVERY step. One problem could literally last 3 pages. She must have been getting a kickback from the notebook paper companies.

I received my first "F" that year. For the next 2 years of my school career Math would be my downfall. However, I did do better in college. I still never quite got the concept of formulas. I could solve them, but I never got the hang of knowing when to use what formula. I did really like quadratic equations though, because you just plug in the numbers. They were actually fun, but now I can't remember how to do them.

So, this morning came quite as a shock when I found myself finding the area of a trapezoid.... for fun. Clearly, I am either becoming a math geek or I seriously need a life.

How has this new fondness for math developed you ask? The nephew. "Little Mark" is actually pretty good at math. Thankfully, he inherited his mother and uncle's Math skills. He caught on fairly quickly to formulas and such. :-) I think it is the program we are using.

Let me just state now how much I LOVE Math-U-See. If this curriculum had been around when I was in school I think I would have done a lot better in Math. Seriously. Check it out.

** I do not get paid to promote Math-U-See, but if they would like to give me the Epsilon curriculum for such a positive review I am not above taking it. :-)**

OH, and regarding the title of my post? Check out this book. I have read most of it, and I have to say...

..... I like it. :-)

(You expected me to say "It didn't suck" didn't you?) :-)


Wendy Darling


Terry said...

You would have enjoyed my three dimensional calculus class then... we found the slopes of donuts.. hmmm donut.

Julie said...

Yes, it does.

OK, I don't really think that, but it is not my favorite. It doesn't hep that my husband is a math wiz.