Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Allow me to be shallow today...

OK, to you this may not be a major travesty. It has nothing to do with politics, hunger in third world countries, war, or anything major like that. No my friends, today's post truly saddens me and I must talk about or go insane. I don't even know how I will make it through the rest of the day knowing the impending doom that is most assuredly coming later.

Tonight the final episode of Jericho will broadcast, and I am distraught.

If you remember this post, then you remember that I admitted to not watching Jericho for most of the first season. (I am still ashamed) But, y'all, I waited VERY patiently for the second season to FINALLY air. I have watched EVERY ONE, and now they are cancelling it, again. It is a tragedy.

Yes, CBS is stupid.

I did something this week that I have never done before. I actually read the message board for Jericho to see what other fans are saying. Believe me when I tell you that they are saying A LOT, and CBS might want to listen.

So far, the two most popular comments/beliefs are 1) (cue "Twilight Zone" music) The cancellation of the show is actually a conspiracy by the US Government. Uh... yeah... whatever.... While I do believe a situation like this might could actually happen (in theory) I seriously doubt this is the reason they are cancelling the show. If you want to get technical, Stephen King's "The Stand" could happen, in theory, and no one banned him. For which I am glad, because Gary Sinise totally rocked in that show! :-)

OK, you can forget the "Twilight Zone" music now.

2) Most people agree on how the show should end. Most believe they should drop the last nuke on CBS studios. While I admit this would have some sort of " ironic justice", I don't see that happening since they are taking the bomb to Cheyenne, WY.

CBS says that the shows ratings "dropped" this season, and that is why they are cancelling it. The fact that it suffered the same as other shows due to the writer's strike, and that when they did bring it back they changed the night and time slot had nothing to do with it.



Don't even blame yourself, CBS, for putting it in the "killer" time slot.

It had nothing to do with it.

I'm just sayin'.

I do hope that perhaps Sci-Fi will pick it up and make new shows. I have no idea how that will work, but I for one would watch it.

So, tonight at 8:45 I will be sitting my hiney in front of the TV. I will not move, answer a phone, or respond to anyone's questions until at least 10:00 pm, and that depends on how the show ends.

I may be too speechless to talk for a few minutes.

I look forward to the 2 season DVD boxed set we all know they will end up putting out for sale, because although CBS is stupid for cancelling the show, they recognize a good marketing ploy when they see one. OR, we hope they do. They will make a bundle selling it to the fans.

So, how many of you will also be watching tonight?

Wendy Darling

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Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

I'm there with ya, sister! We waited forever for Season 2 and now...thud, it's dead.

It would be great if it got picked up by Sci Fi. Is that even a remote possibility?