Saturday, March 01, 2008

It's stuck in my head....

Well, I was going to blog tonight about the things that happened today. This morning "Little Mark" and I helped out at the delivery for "Angel Food Ministries." I always enjoy helping with that, and this was "Little Mark's" first time to help. He did well, and I was very proud of him. :-)

This weekend is something special at our church. They are doing "D-NOW" (Discipleship Now) for the Youth group. This year's theme is "True Love Waits" and their will even be a "purity ring" ceremony for the student's and their parents tomorrow evening. I have never seen this ceremony, but I am excited to witness it. :-) I think it is a great idea. :-)

The kids were all so excited, and seem to be having a great time. I had an opportunity to hear some of the band while I was helping serve the dinner tonight. They are pretty good. They reminded me a lot of Third Day, or the Newsboys. The music was loud, but the kids loved it. :-)

However, the title of my post actually came from a result of reading Big Mama's blog. :-) She referred to a Mac Davis song "It's Hard to be Humble" in her post today. Oh my word!! Y'all, I not only know every word to this song, but we still own it on 45. (For you young'ns that is larger than a CD, but smaller than an album and you play it on a turn table.) :-) SO, naturally I had to go to YouTube and look for it. For the last half hour I have listened to "It's Hard to be Humble", "Texas in the Rear view Mirror" and my favorite "Don't Get Hooked On Me." It keeps playing in my head now, over and over. And you know what? I don't want it to stop. :-)

I always thought Mac Davis was so cute. He had the nicest smile, and the look in his eyes always made you think he was up to something. :-) I swear, I feel like a kid again. :-) Thank you for the memories Big Mama!! :-)


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Julie said...

I remember Mac Davis. I loved him! Whatever happened to him?