Monday, March 27, 2006

Dear Peter,

Hi! I hope you are doing well. I am fine, but I have been very
busy with school, work, illness of the kiddos,etc... It seems like I don't
have enough time.

I know that God gives us 24 in a day, but my 24 hours
doesn't seem to be "stretching" far enough. LOL... :-) There are so many
things going on, and events that are still scheduled to happen. I am
beginning to have to "pick and choose" which ones to do. I have a party
planned for April 22nd. I am planning a wedding anniversary gift for Dear
sister and brother in law.
That will take time and money, another thing that I can't seem to
stretch.... :-)

I could schedule the first weekend in May to work on the gift, because I
want to get it to them BEFORE their actual anniversary. However, that is
also the National Karate Tournament in Oklahoma. I am
pretty sure I can afford the gift, but I don't think I can afford to go to
Oklahoma. That following weekend is the ending program for our homeschool
group, however it is also the weekend for the homeschool book fair in
Arlington. My family and I REALLY want to attend. I have already made that
decision. I am skipping the ending program. So, that means IF I went to
Oklahoma I would have to fund the entire trip, probably including car
rental. (See what I mean?) :-)

Time is also working against me. We need to paint the school room. The red
just isn't doing it for us. I want to go with a pretty light blue. I am
hoping the light, cool shade will help dear older nephew focus more. (Hey,
I can
hope..) :-) And HE helped pick the color! Anyway, with all of the events
and money stuff I won't have
the $$ until the 3rd week in May. Problem is that between mine and
schedule "John" won't be able to paint until August! It's too hot in
and homeschool group starts in August.

Sorry to make this e-mail a "downer". I guess I just needed to vent a
little. :-) Tell Tink and the Lost Boys I said, "Hello". Gotta run.

Wendy Darling


Queen B said...

Nothing else is as important as MY GIFT so there shouldn't be a time issue!!!!! HA HA!!!!

WendyDarling said...

You will have your gift on time... :-) LOL... don't worry. :-)