Monday, March 06, 2006

Hello, Peter :-)

I trust you are doing well. I have not had too much to write about lately, so I thought I would just drop you note to say, "Hi" and tell you about my day. I spent my day mostly running errands. My dear nephew is visiting his mom this week. The young lady I homeschool canceled on me today. The little girl I babysit did not come either, so Mom and I finished the cards we have been making. She made hers for one of her cousins, and I made one for my brother in-law. (But, don't tell him about it, because it is a secret) :-)

I spent time with Mom on Saturday looking for the photos she needed for her card, and I reorganized my photos. I love looking through photos, because you get to relive so many wonderful memories. Some are not so wonderful, but if you didn't have the bad memories you would not appreciate the good ones, right? :-)

I have found two quotes that I just love, and I have been using them in my journaling. The first is, "Every family tree produces a few nuts." Well, I do not have to tell you this fits our family! The other is, "We don't remember the dates, we remember the moments." I really like this one. My brother "John" and I were talking the other night about our childhood. We were trying to recall some songs that our Daddy used to really like. The ones he would play a lot. We remembered, "Wooly Bully", "Disco Duck" and "Wipe Out". We remembered that he liked a lot more, but we couldn't really recall. I remember our weekends. We would spend all day on Saturday at Little League football games. Then Sunday mornings we would all clean the house with the song "Luv Ya Blue" playing on the stereo really loud. We would eat junk food and watch the Houston Oilers play.

Sometimes Mom and Daddy would surprise us and take us to a drive in movie. We would all be in our pj's and Mom and Daddy would put us in the car. There would be brown bags of popcorn on the seats for us. My sister and I would sit on the ground next to the car, something that we would not dare do today. It was such a great time then. I remember the smell of Jade East cologne. I remember "Mister Misty's" from Dairy Queen, and Mom taking us to the park for picnics. Sometimes she would order a pizza and we would take that for our picnic. I remember going out to eat every Thursday night, because that was the day Daddy got paid. I remember Monopoly championships. :-) It all seems so long ago, and yet it seems like yesterday. :-)

I remember watching Sha Na Na on Monday nights before Girl Scout meetings, and Little House on the Prairie. Tuesday night was Happy Days and Lavern and Shirley. Friday night was Donnie and Marie. Saturday morning there was a plethra of cartoons to choose from. Sid and Marty Kroft rocked! Sunday night was the Hardy Boys. That was back when you could actually let children watch Prime TV.

I remember my sister and I sharing a room. We would listen to "Mystery Theater" on the radio. I was always secretly glad that we shared a room, because the show scared me, and she seemed to never be scared. I remember we would set up a Kool-Aid stand on the corner and then walk to the 7-11 to spend all of the money we made on candy. Those are good memories. :-) I just thought that I would share a few with you. Tell the Lost Boys I said, "Hello".

I will talk to you soon.
Wendy Darling

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