Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hello Peter :-)

I hope all is well in Neverland. I thought I would tell you a story about my morning. I call it "The Quest for the Perfect Chair". I am in need of a very sturdy, straightback chair to exercise in. It has to be sturdy enough to 1) hold me, and 2) allow me to pull on the legs with my elastic restraints without breaking.

My quest began at around 6:45 am. My sister and I dropped "John" off at work. We had our list of 4 garage sales to hit. The first began at 7:00 am, and was the furthest one away. It took us a little time to find it. For some reason the roads in East Texas are not always in numerical order. We were looking for CR 3406. Traveling down the road we see a sign for CR 3405. Okay, we should turn right at the next road. Ah, you would THINK that wouldn't you? That's what we thought. We see the road, slow down and look at the sign. CR 3407... huh? did we miss it? We must have missed it. So, we turn around, make a U-turn and attempt this again. Here we go...CR 3405 .... look for the next road...nothing... then CR 3407. What? OK, maybe they are out of order. 2 miles later we find CR 3406. We get to the garage sale, and there is a beautiful dining room table with 6 chairs. They are sturdy, but I don't want the whole set. They are not willing to break up the set. I inquire how much they want for the whole thing. $100!? We look around to see if there is anyhting we can't live without. We find a "Guestures" game. We already have this game, but one piece does not work. I open it, and everything seems in good order. Oh well, for $1 I am willing to give it a shot, so we will have a working game. :-)

We get in the car and head to the next garage sale. It is now almost 7:30 am. My sister and I both give in and admit we are VERY hungry. We decide to go to Sonic and get Breakfast Burritos. My sister gets a diet Pepsi, and I get a Strawberry Smoothie. Neither of us eat the tator tots. We feel that we made a good choice, since we were both eyeballing the Donut Palace right across the street, but we didn't give in. :-) We eat our burritoes and head to the next garage sale.

We find this one easily. My sister immediately spots a large bag of Mega Bloks Legos. Perfect for the little one I babysit, and the younger dear nephew when he visits. I look at the tag...$3. SOLD. We continue to look around. Way in the corner I see THE chair. The perfect chair I have been hunting for. I look, but there is no price tag. My sister goes to the lady and asks, "is the chair in the corner for sale?" "No, I am sorry. That was brought out for us to sit in. It was my Grandmother's, and I just can't sell it." I am disappointed, but I understand. My sister spies two 13 inch TV's. That would be perfect for our older dear nephew to have for his PS1. It is $20. We decide there is no room for it, so we leave it on the table. I purchase the Legos and we are off to the next garage sale.

The third is only a few blocks away. We get there in just a few minutes. We find nothing there, so we leave.

The fourth garage sale is about a 10 minute drive. My sister and I are dicussing our purchases, and expressing our disappointment over not being able to find a chair. We reach the next garage sale. We notice there is no furniture, but we look around anyway. What is that on the table? A Leap Pad, with books and cartridges. It is in very nice condition. The tag says $3. That would be good for the little ones as well. And here is a nice book for the older dear nephew. :-) So, I make my purchases.

That is all 4 garage sales on the list, so we head home. On the way we see another sign for a yard sale. This one was not listed in the paper. We are already here, so we decide to give it a shot. We pull into the drive way. I get out and look, but see no chairs. I start to turn around, but something catches my eye. An orange box. It has a brand new Detail Shrubber in it. Black and Decker, that is supposed to be a good brand. I decide not to make this a wasted trip, so I purchase it. Every year for 6 years we have said we were going to buy one, and we still haven't. So, this will solve that. I pay my $8 and leave.

Once we get home my sister and Mom make a trip to the store. While they are out my sister decides that dear nephew NEEDS that TV, so they go back to the garage sale and purchase it. :-)

I am now $15 poorer, and still have no chair. But, I had fun and the people I love have the things they "need", so it was worth it. :-) My quest for the perfect chair continues..... I'll let you know when I find it. :-)

Have a great day, Peter.
WEndy Darling


Princess LadyBug said...

I'll keep my eye out for one too. :)

WendyDarling said...

Thank you, Princess Ladybug. I would appreciate it. :-)