Saturday, August 18, 2007

Look who went shopping!!!!! :-)

My youngest sister went to Catherine's yesterday. She came back with THIS for me. :-)

Don't you just love the color?! It is lavender with black polk-a-dots. And the bottom is a black "skirt". :-)

Today we went back to Catherine's, and my sister was very kind to buy me THIS:

The picture doesn't really do the color justice. It is a beautiful shade of teal, ya'll. To see it up close, it is just amazing.

She also bought me THIS:

It is also lavender, with pretty flowers on them. ;-) Now, you may be asking yourself, "Why is she wasting a post showing us 'lame' clothes?" BECAUSE...... They are 2 sizes smaller than what I wore about 8 weeks ago!! :-) That's right ya'll. 2 SIZES SMALLER. ;-) WOO HOO!! :-)

We also took the nephew shopping yesterday, and he is ALMOST 3 sizes smaller than what he was in. ;-)


Wendy Darling


Sarah said...

That is just incredible - you should be so proud of yourself!

Julie said...

You all rock! If that doesn't deserve a little splurging, I don't know what does. Keep up the good work.