Thursday, October 09, 2008

Vacation - Day #1

We left for vacation on Wednesday morning at 5:00am. We arrived in Dallas about 8:00 am and dropped the younger nephew off at home. He missed Mom and Dad, and we are pretty sure he would have no interest in the plans we had for the day. :-)

Our first stop, after the bathroom break, was the Sixth Floor Museum, aka "The JFK museum". This is an amazing place y'all. It was rather surreal going through it, given its history and all. It was very interesting, and the way the tour is set up it really gives you a feel for who John F. Kennedy was, and all the turmoil of that time. I am sorry this is the picture I have of the outside. I was told that we couldn't take pictures, but I didn't know I could take them BEFORE we entered the tour, and I left my camera in the car. Oh well...

The admission includes an audio tour that tells you what section to look at when, and describes everything that is going on. You get to hear actual footage of interviews, reporters, policemen,etc. You get to see old news reels of JFK's speeches, etc.

The thing that impressed me most how much "Little Mark" was interested. He really listened to everything, and even asked questions. Insightful questions.

I think the part that struck me most was when the tour instructed us to look out the side window and we were overlooking the grassy knoll and the street that the car was driving down at the time of the assassination. Like I said before, it was surreal.

After the Museum we drove around and tried, unsuccessfully, to get a picture of the grassy knoll. We did drive past the JFK Memorial, and I got a picture of it out the window. :-) We were actually trying to find the Pioneer Plaza so I could get a picture of the "cattle drive." We never found it.

So, we decided to abandon our quest and head to lunch. We had lunch at Denny's. It rocked. :-)

We then went to "window shop" at the galleria. Yeah. Window shop is about all most people can afford to do at the galleria. Holy Moly the prices at Nordstrom alone almost made me pass out!
All "Little Mark" really wanted to do was ride the escalators , so we obliged him. We went to the third floor and looked down on all of the people ice skating. We did go into a few shops and look around. We tried some "Armadillo Droppings", which is just overpriced, chocolate covered sunflower seeds. :-) Cute idea though. :-)

After an hour or so in the galleria we decided to head to a "Christmas Store" I read about on the Internet. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Christmas?! :-) Anyway, it was very nice to look at all of the ornaments, trees, villages, etc; but it was a little hot in the store, so we didn't stay long.

We then went to "Half Price Books" and browsed around. I purchased a Beth Moore book, and Mom sat and drank coffee. :-)

We also hit a $0.99 store, and then ran by to get some groceries toward dinner. All in all it was a very nice day. The weather was great, and we had a lot of fun. :-)

Be back later with Day #2. :-)

Wendy Darling


Julie said...

That's just wrong. They should have the a/c cranked up in the Christmas Store to get you in the mood for the holidays!

Glad you had a good time. I don't know that I have ever just touristed around Dallas. Sounds like fun.

Cleggy said...

Actually, you bought your book and mom drank coffee on the SECOND day, at the flagship store. First day was just the little neighborhood store, and "Little Mark" was the only one that bought anything that day.

Still, it was fun.

RAD Mom said...

Wendy, I'm so glad you're home! Sounds like you really enjoyed your vacation!

Kwizgiver said...

I would love to go to that museum.