Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We just came back from voting, and I had to tell you what happened. As we approached the door there was a group of about 5 older adults looking at the sample ballot on the door. A gentleman was explaining to an older lady about filling in the circle next to the candidates name. (Yes, we still use the old pen and paper method here in our little town, and I like it that way. :-) There is one machine for those who want to be "fancy".) :-)

My Mom finished voting before me, and was sitting outside the door waiting. She said the lady came out with a huge smile on her face and told my mom, "I just voted in my first election, ever." My mom said, "That's wonderful!" The lady replied, "I felt it was that important." :-)

Shouldn't we all?

We took "Little Mark" with us, of course, because I never pass up a chance to impress upon him the importance of voting. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! We have been studying the election process for awhile, and have been using this book:

He is really into it, and one thing that he has been interested in is the "Women's Suffrage." He has the School House Rock songs on his iPod, and really likes the music to this song. Of course, the lyrics stick. We were listening to it in the car a couple of weeks ago and he commented that he liked the song. He liked the music and style of the song.

So, I thought I would test his knowledge on the message. I asked him what amendment gave women the right to vote? What year did that take effect? He knew the answers, because of the songs.

Then he asked a couple of really good questions. "What does suffrage mean? What did the women do?" So, we had a very in depth discussion about it. We compared it to the Civil Rights movement, and talked about how sometimes you HAVE to take a stand for what you believe in. For what is right. He really "got it."

So, today after I voted I sat for a moment. I observed the people around me; women and men, young and old, white, black... all all taking advantage of not only our RIGHT to vote, but our DUTY as Americans to vote. And I remembered my conversation with "Little Mark", and how we acknowledged that it is every American's God given right to vote, and remembered all of the people in our history who fought and died for that right. Man and Woman.

I've said it before, we may not be a "perfect" country, but we are a great country. And last time I checked there was no one in China, North Korea or Cuba who got up this morning and went to a polling place to give their opinion. We are blessed.

Just thought I would share...

Wendy Darling


LaVon Baker said...

Great post, Wendy. You are doing a wonderful job teaching Little Mark.

Julie said...

Good for you, Wendy. I mean, I think. I mean, I hope you voted for...well, never mind. Good job with the kid. And doing your civic duty and all. : )

Terry said...

I dream of a time when the "youth" vote isn't something that is a surprise to people but that the "youth" along with the rest of the nation finally realize how vitally important that EVERY American takes their vote seriously. That EVERY American searches for the truth, the view, the shared values that we find common and vote for the candidate that we feel addresses the true issues that we ALL feel are important to improve our nation. This nation is an experiment in democracy that evolves overtime. Great job on getting "Little Mark" more involved in the process. Hopefully by the time it is his turn to cast his vote he will be able to tell anyone who chooses to question his decision a careful, thought-out, intelligent presentation of the facts that led to his vote. Thank you for participating in the process!

RAD Mom said...

I was "fancy"!!!

Can I borrow your book when you're finished with it?