Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vacation Day #3

Day #3 was a great day. It started off with Cleggy, "Little Mark" and I going to the King Tut Exhibit at Dallas Museum of Art. (I still believed we walked 5 miles to get there, but I'll let Cleggy tell you about that.) ;-)

Anyway, it was very exciting, and educational for all of us.
To prepare for this "f
ield trip" I recorded a National Geographic Special on TV, and "Little Mark" and I watched it on Tuesday before we left for vacation. So, he had a good grasp on just what it was we were going to see.

At the time that purchased the tickets I opted not to do the audio tour. I kind of regret that now seeing how much we liked it with the JFK Museum, but still it was really good. We were there opening day, and at th
e FIRST tour of the day. We were numbers 3,4,and 5 in line. How could it get much better? I was excited! :-) They even had the Dallas paper there, and Cleggy was interviewed. Our picture was on their website the next day.

Anyway, as we went through the tour I kept trying to wrap my mind around just how ol
d these pieces are, and where they were discovered... Again, it was a surreal moment. We all learned a lot about the people and their culture. We did see the mummy cases (no mummies), organ urns, etc. It really made an impact on "Little Mark", and I love that it gave him that "real" experience seeing the things we had been talking about, up close and "sort of" personal.

We were even able to tie it into our Biblical studies as well as history. To see these things and know that these are not just stories from books, but these people
really did exist. This was all a part of their life and culture. It took about 1 1/2 hours to go through it all.

The way it is set up is really neat, especially when you walk into Tut's "tomb." The museum did a great job. It is truly a o
nce and a lifetime experience. If you live anywhere near Dallas, or can get there before May 2009, I strongly encourage you to go. (That's the end of my commercial.) ;-)

After the museum we went back to the apartment and ate lunch. Then, we separated for the rest of the day. The guys went to play putt-putt golf, and Mom, loving sister, and I went shopping. :-)

We went to Catherines, and I got two new outfits.
I got this shirt:

I also got a jacket.

This picture is the closest I can find to
what I bought, but it's not the exact one. Mine is a cream color, and is a heavier material than this. I also bought a black tank to wear underneath it. :-)

After the "shopping spree" we all met back at the apartment where we learned how the golf game went. Each nephew got 1 hole in one, while Cleggy got two. :-) Then we all went to a really nice Mexican restaurant to have dinner. They even made our guacamole at the table. :-) I have to confess, I was VERY tempted to take the avocados they had displayed on our table, but I resisted. Do you know how much the large avocados cost now? Yeah, you'd have been tempted too. :-)

Then, we went back to the apartment and I decorated two really big cookies I would need for the next day... But, that's another post. ;-)

Wendy Darling


Kwizgiver said...

What a great tour! And I love the top and jacket. It's nice you did something for yourself. :-)

WendyDarling said...

Thank you, Kwizgiver. It was fun. Actually, my Mom bought the outfits for me. ;-)

Vicki Courtney said...

oh goodness sweet wendy, when I read your comment on my blog, I realized that I had written the post in such a way that it might be misunderstood! I was not intending it to sound like it did so thank you for calling that to my attention, so I could edit it and clarify what I meant!! the guys I was referring to were doing the monday night football armchair recliner thing and that's what I was trying to imply, but clearly failed miserably in conveying it!

that's what I get for typing too fast w/out refilling my coffee cup! forgive me sweet friend! you are truly a "darling!" sorry couldn't resist that one...