Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vacation Day #5 - Lots of pictures

Sunday was day #5. We all got up fairly early, ate breakfast, got dressed and loaded the car. The whole family went to the Dallas World Aquarium, and then we were headed home afterwards. Let me say right off that 1) This place is on the pricey side, and 2) It's totally worth it. We literally saved our change for months just to get the entrance fee, and I think we are all very happy that we did. We will be going back. :-)

We followed loving sister and dear brother in law there. On the way, we ended up at.....
Pioneer Plaza! The very place we couldn't find on Wednesday. :-) I swore up and down that dear brother in law did on purpose, although I was told later it just happened because he got lost. Whatever. I got to see the statues and tried to get photos, but most of them didn't come out. Oh well, at least now we know how to get there. :-) LOL...

Once we arrived and got in we were all amazed at how breathtaking this place is. Let's just say it is an amateur photographers DREAM!! And I personally took over 300 photos, so I can testify. Well, I say personally, but truth is Cleggy took many of them as well. Especially the "underwater" shots. I think the man needs a digital camera. :-)

OK, here are some, but certainly not ALL of the photos we took. I didn't want to bore y'all too much, so I painstakingly chose a FEW to place on the blog. It was difficult choosing I assure you. :-)

I started not to post this one, because I'm in it, but I just couldn't resist with the Mayan Indians. They danced and then took pictures with anyone who wanted one. "Little Mark" and his mom got one together, and then I stepped in with them. The youngest nephew wouldn't do it. He was a little nervous.

Cleggy actually took this one of the fish. He did great with the underwater shots. :-)

I did take the shots of the sea anemone and the octopus. :-)
Did I mention how cool this place was?

I didn't have really good pictures of the sharks, but I have to tell you that they do have the "tunnel" that have benches on either side, and it runs the length of the tunnel. All around and over you is glass, and all kinds of sharks swim all around you! It is just amazing.

We were there for a good two hours. They also have 2 gift shops, and restaurants/cafes inside. We did not eat there, but did get a couple of souvenirs. Like I said, we would love to go back sometime. I highly encourage you to go if you are ever in Dallas. There is also one in Houston, but I've never been there. :-)

Day #6 we were home, and just pretty much relaxed the whole day. :-) I'll be back tomorrow with Day #7, the final day.

Wendy Darling


Kwizgiver said...

Those are all great pictures!


Princess LadyBug said...

You both took great pictures. And I agree, he does need a digital camera. Wish I could afford to get him one. The aquarium in New Orleans is awesome too!