Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vacation Day #7 - The Last Day

I told y'all I would be back on Friday with Day #7, but I forgot that Fridays are recipe swap days. Sorry about that. :-) But, here is Day #7.

On the last day of vacation Cleggy, "Little Mark" and I went to Sci-Port in Louisiana. We purposely went on a Tuesday for 2 reasons; 1) They have "Terrific Tuesday" which means everyone gets in for $2 a piece. MAJOR savings on the entrance fee; and 2) less crowds. We scored on both counts.

We left around 8:00 am and had no problem getting to Shreveport. We listened to music all the way there, sang, laughed, stopped for a potty break and a drink. :-) It was fun. But, when we reached Shreveport, and got off at our exit we realized that the street we were to turn on was closed. As a matter of fact SEVERAL of the streets surrounding Sci-Port were closed. Needless to say we were confused.

We, finally, found a parking garage a few blocks down from Sci-Port, parked and began walking. And walking. And walking. Thankfully, all of the walking in Dallas had built me up for this and I did just fine. ;-)

We got about a block away from Sci-Port and we noticed a "carnival" type thing setup in the parking lot we were originally supposed to park in. And we saw A LOT of school buses. Uh oh, this might be crowded after all. (We found out later that some festival called "Revelry" was happening that week, and that's what everyone was there for)

We maneuvered our way away barriers and stuff and made our way into Sci-Port. We looked around, and were pleasantly surprised to find only a handful of people inside. All of the school kids must be at the thing in the parking lot.

We paid to enter and began the days journey into fun and education. :-) We saw a video about life on the bayou, and then a demonstration about Newton's 3 laws of motion. That was particularly cool, because we were the only there for most of it, so it was like a one on one science lesson for all of us. :-)

Then, we headed to the Planetarium for show of the constellations. :-) Again, a nice time, and we stayed in that area studying the planets.

We decided to have lunch at the snack bar, and then went to the second floor. That was really neat. I think Cleggy enjoyed some of the things even more than "Little Mark." :-) I have to admit I was having a lot fun too.

We especially liked the human body, and we even went to a demonstration where we extracted our own DNA. That was interesting, but I drew the line when they poured it into little plastic bottles for us to wear like a necklace. Mine went in the garbage. But, again, it was very interesting to do. :-)

We made paper airplanes and then sailed them through a hoop.

Cleggy and "Little Mark" tested the speed of throwing a baseball. We learned about river systems, and toured the geological area. It was great.

My favorite part was the "Bible Times Tech: Then and Now" where they showed life in Biblical times compared to now. They even had a "goat" you could milk. It was really neat. :-)

After a trip to the gift shop we made our way back to the parking garage. The school buses were gone, and there was a nice breeze. I have to admit that, after several hours of walking around Sci-Port, I was pretty tired; but it was nice. :-)

We stopped at a little station made up to look like an "old town" to get drinks and head home. We made very good time. And, sadly, that ended our vacation. We packed a lot into a few days, but we were able to have fun, learn some new things, make some new friends, spend time with some old friends and family, make some memories, and relax. :-) It was a much needed vacation, and it is one we will remember for a very
long time. Thank you for taking our journey with us. :-)

Wendy Darling

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