Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vacation Day #4- It's a long one folks. :-)

Day #4 started very early, but it was one of the best days. :-) I got to spend most of the day with Princess Ladybug, and I met FlyLady, and Eric Dodge IN PERSON!! ;-) (If you don't think that excited me you would be wrong.) :-) I have been looking forward to meeting them for a couple of months, and I planned a surprise. :-)

My plan was to make them cookies with their pictures on them. That idea turned into a large cookie for each one, with their respective photo. I planned to make the cookies from scratch, since that is how I prefer to bake cookies. However, since I was going to be on vacation, and at my sisters house, I decided to use store bought dough for convenience sake. Sandra Lee would have been proud. :-) So, I bought the dough, 2 throwaway pans, and decorator icing. I packed my cake decorating kit with th
e supplies I would need, and had the photos printed on edible paper. I was set. I had baked the cookies before leaving for the restaurant on Friday, so when we got home they were cool and ready to decorate. These are the results:

Now, don't look too close, I was afraid I would run out of icing so I didn't go all the way to the edge. That normally would have REALLY bothered me, but I kept hearing FlyLady saying, "Don't let your perfectionism get in the way." :-) (Don't you just love her?) :-) So, I let them set overnight, and the next morning I put them in the Costco pizza boxes, provided by my dear brother-in-law, and we headed out. :-)

I wore the cranberry shirt I had bought the day before, with black pants and black flats. On the way we stopped and took pictures of the Mustangs at Los Colinas. They are breathtaking. :-)We arrived at the hotel very early and began our search for Eric and FlyLady. I had told them we would be there early. :-) To our delight Eric met us in the lobby, and was very excited about the cookie. He then arranged for us to meet Marla (FlyLady) before the festivities and it was a lot of fun.

We also got to meet the other Dodge Brothers, Andy and Ashton. Just in case you were wondering, they are VERY NICE. :-) For those who listen to Eric's Show, yes, he is just like he is on the show. They are very down to earth guys. :-)

We got to meet other Flybabies and we did a little shopping in the Fly Store before everything began. I piked up 2 CDs for the nephews, and Princess Ladybug bought me Eric's new Christmas CD as a late birthday present. :-) I am well on my way to wearing it out playing it. :-) It is awesome y'all. If you plan to buy new Christmas music for this year, please consider this one.

Then, the doors opened and we took our seats. It was actually a "party" that Yahoo had set up for, because they had 500,000 members now. It was amazing. FlyLady was very funny, and inspiring. Pam Young was great. We got to hear from many members of the Fly Crew, and Eric and Andy sang several of their wonderful songs, including "It's a Woman's World" and "Why Not Today." I think the highlight was when he sang "God Bless the U.S.A. and brought the whole room to tears. Even the men y'all. It was amazing.

We broke for lunch and Princess and I ate in the hotel restaurant. We both chose the vegetable and mushroom on flat bread with veggie chips. It was amazing, and the restaurant was just beautiful. :-) We then went back to the party. We got to meet Alan Levy, the creator of Blog Talk radio, and hear why/how he started it. It's an amazing story, and he is so nice.

There was a huge cake, and it tasted wonderful. Yahoo, and the Omni hotel really took care of us. :-) Marla was just so inspiring and motivating in how she reminded us that we don't have to be perfect, and to keep taking baby steps to improve ourselves. I can't even express the feelings I have from that day, but they are just as strong as if I had just left there. :-)

After the party we stood in line to meet everyone, and get autographs. Princess and I had our picture taken with FlyLady and the Doge Brothers. I am sure she won't mind if I post it here. :-)

Aren't we a handsome bunch? LOL... :-) After leaving we immediately put Eric's Christmas CD in to play and we headed back to the apartment. I have to say that it was a long day, but I would put that up as one of the best days I've ever had. :-) I can truly say that I made some new friends, and had a wonderful time with "old" one. (Not age wise, Princess) ;-P After getting home we had dinner and prepared for Day #5 and a trip home. Day #5 was really great too, and I'll be back to tell you about it tomorrow. :-)

Wendy Darling


Kwizgiver said...

The color of your new top looks fantastic on you!!

Sounds like a truly delightful day.

Princess LadyBug said...

Of course I don't mind you posting the pictures. I'm really going to post mine this weekend. I'll let you know when they are up.

And Sunshine is right. You looked gorgeous!

WendyDarling said...

Aww, shucks. (blushing) Thank you. :-)