Friday, October 24, 2008

Someone stop me....

I apparently have an addictive personality. When I find something new, that intrigues me, I latch onto it. HELP! Remember "Hammer Heads?" Case in point.

Has anyone heard of "Green Spot?" This is from their website:

Green Spot is a MySpace application that wants to help save the rain forest. Green Spot includes a Green Garden, where you can buy and arrange plants and animals to make a beautiful garden! The more friends you get to join Green Spot, the more rain forest you'll help us save!

When I first began receiving "gifts" I ignored it. I didn't know what it was, and certainly didn't want to waste time on it. After a few weeks my sister sent me a "gift." So, I checked it out. I still didn't understand the concept, but I figured "why fight it" and signed up. I didn't know anything about the garden though, and "gifts" were stockpiling in my "shed."

I finally figured out about moving things to the garden, I looked at a couple of others, handed out a few bones and carrots, and now.... NOW.... I... AM.... ADDICTED!

I can't stop visiting gardens. I can't stop trying to see how many "green dollars" I can get. How much rain forest I can save by buying gifts. It's INSANE!!

Last night I even dreamed about it! And now there are the gnomes.... I'm pretty sure I'm gonna need therapy....

Wendy Darling

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