Monday, September 10, 2007

He's going to be a preacher....

The last couple of years I have heard that statement made about my dear older nephew several times. :-) There is a dear friend of mine, that I first met our first year in homeschool group. She had the nephew for a class. She came to me one day and said, "I can just see the hand of God on him. He is going to be used for something very special. Probably a preacher."

I have to admit, that there are days when he absolutely drives me crazy. Then there are days when I know I drive him crazy, and that the Lord is dealing with him. I pray for him constantly. :-) I tell him a lot that God has a special plan for him, as he does for us all, but I believe he is going to be used for some special purpose.

He definitely has a sense of humor, and the boy is very MUCH into technology. Just this weekend he was pulling music from a DVD and putting it on his iPod. He has never done this before, and no one showed him how. He just "figured it out". I swear, if it has a button or computer on it he will know in less than 5 minutes how to work it. He did the same thing at the fitness center last week. I was afraid to touch the buttons just to change the channel on the TV, and he was changing the settings on the treadmill like he had been doing it for years. In his own words "Technology is a wonderful thing." He is definitely "wired" that way.

Unfortunately, he is also very much what Dr. James Dobson calls a "Strong Willed Child". He does get it honestly. Most of our family is "strong willed". I know that God created him that way for a reason, and one day it will come in very handy. Unfortunately, he has not yet learned when to control this.

I was thinking about it today. Today he did really well with his school work, and did not throw a fit that we cannot go to homeschool group until my rash goes away. We talked about politics, ya'll. AND HE LISTENED. AND UNDERSTOOD. Days like today amaze me.

Then there are the days when he reminds me of a Christian Comedian named Mark Lowry. :-)

I truly believe he could be another Mark Lowry. He truly does have this sense of humor. Tonight I watched the following video clip of an old Mark Lowry video. After a bit I substituted "Aunt Wendy" for "Mama", and I could hear myself saying that very phrase, "I just want the last word." It's hilarious, ya'll. :-)

If you have never had the pleasure of seeing Mark in concert you should. I first saw him my Senior year. Actually, I had already graduated, and was leaving for college the very next day. We drove to Houston to see him open for the Steve Archer concert, but truthfully Mark is the only one I remember from that night. It was when he was first starting out, and he was so funny. :-)

So, I thought I would share the video with you. :-) Enjoy!

I may have to start reffering to my nephew as "little Mark" on here. I really don't like Dear Older Nephew. It just doesn't seem personal enough. But, this may work. :-)

Wendy Darling

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