Saturday, September 08, 2007

I should have just done a list.

I would love to report that yesterday was a perfect day. I slept all night with no abdominal/back pains or muscle spasms. The children were angels and did not aggravate each other even once. They both ate the lunch I made with no complaining. The nephew finished every assignment I gave him with no trouble, and it was perfect, and finished in a timely manner. Both of the children helped around the house, and it was in pristine condition when "Granny" showed up for the "little angel".

I would love to report that, unfortunately not a word of would be true. :-( Fortunately, my sister and brother helped with the house when the got home. The nephew did vacuum most of the house, and he did finish one assignment. To be honest, I was so busy I am surprised he finished that one. I did finish school work with the "little angel." She did really great, and we learned about Reggae music and Jamaica. :-)

Sometimes young children are just amazing. Yesterday was her day. She was so happy to back with us, after not being able to come for the last couple of weeks. She has discovered the hand puppets. She loves for me to put it on my hand, and she will carry on conversations with them for HOURS. She sees my lips move, and she knows I am the one talking, but to her it is still "alive", and her perfect playmate. Yesterday I turned on the "kids music channel" on the TV. They played several songs, and she and "rabbit" (the hand puppet) danced. A Reggae song came on, and "rabbit" took the opportunity to teach her the words "reggae" and "Jamaica". :-)

We went to the library where "Pinocchio lives". The children's librarian is wonderful, and she has hats and stuffed dolls/animals all over the children's section. The children are encouraged to play with them, and I had to read several books to "angel and Pinocchio". :-)
Then we all came home, and I was dying to lie down and rest. So, we all laid on the king size bed and watched TV. I am not above resorting to TV when absolutely necessary.

I did, however, lose my temper yesterday as well. When I was trying to clean the disaster area known as the living room and kitchen, and pretty much begging the nephew for help, all he could do was gripe and cry that he could not find his iPod. After about the 10th "I Want...." I had had enough. I threw down my towel, literally, and yelled "What about the children who live in places who have no food or shelter, much less an iPod?!"

Yeah, I went there. And I was thinking as I was saying it, I can't believe I am saying this, because it will go right over his head just like it did mine at his age. And I could see by the look on his face that it did, go right over his head. But, after my fit he did help. (The lesson here friends, "Throw a fit to get what you want. IF you are an adult.) I did feel better, because later he did come and apologize. He asked if I needed anything, and said he knew he was wrong, and being selfish, and that he would really work to do better. I know this will come with maturity.......someday.

I know I was sensitive yesterday, because I was in pain, but also it was just a bad/blah week. I couldn't figure out why I was feeling the way I was feeling. Was I depressed? Ill? Tired? Hormonal? Who knows..... but, tonight I believe I found the answer.

I am currently doing the Beth Moore Bible Study on "Daniel" at church. We are in our second week. Each Sunday we discuss, and watch the DVD together. Then, each day you do a "home work lesson" on your own. Well, I hadn't made the time to mine at all this week. So, tonight I sat down to do all 5 lessons, because section 3 starts tomorrow. You want to know what she talked about in the first home work lesson? Yep, how not doing your Bible Study effects your daily life. Boy, did it effect mine.

So, I did a lot of prayer tonight about being more consistent, patient, understanding, and wiser. Especially wiser.

I have so many thoughts going on in my head that maybe I should have just done a "list", because I know I am jumping all over the place here.

I am thankful my Mom is home. Now things can get back to "normal" and the nephew and I can really get our routine at the fitness center down. I think we all learned to appreciate each other more while she was gone. :-)

Wendy Darling


Laslo Hollyfield said...

May I suggest watching more and being in "do, do, do" mode less. Wisdom comes from learning from others experiences, your own you just get to call experience.

WendyDarling said...

You are right, Laslo. I do need to watch more. :-)